Saturday 15 March 2014

Baking Scones and more Sudbury

Hello Lovelies,
Thank you for all your interesting comments on my first Sudbury post HERE.
The little baking books I pictured seemed familiar to quite a few of you 

On Wednesday evening I decided to make something from mine. The very first page was for scones...I haven't made these for years. 
As you can see  the page is well used ( probably because I used to make cheese scones a lot many years ago )
Looking at this simple, colourful book I can see why I used it so much when I was younger.......

It was quick and easy to make the dough........

I rolled it out thickly as instructed..........

And 10 minutes later I had a small batch of scones. They were rather flat, but yummy eaten still warm from the oven..........

The recipe in my book is  the same as THIS one. A simple, easy and frugal treat.........

As suggested in the comments to the online recipe above....I'll add a teaspoon of baking powder next time and hopefully they will turn out a bit lighter.

Sudbury is like two visits in one , as well as it's magnificent hall it also houses the National Trusts Museum of Childhood
There is an extra charge to visit this part, so again I was glad we had our membership.

This area to the side of the hall were the museum was situated was pretty, and I imagine to would be lovely for a picnic in the summer..........

There are six galleries, covering different aspects of childhood. This is part of the work gallery............

The boys loved clambering through the tunnels here, but they are also old enough to appreciate what a horrendous job the child chimney sweeps had............

Next was the "Home" gallery and this Brownie uniform caught my eye.
It's the same one I wore, but with a brown beret, not the later bobble hat.........

I didn't stay in the Brownies for many months. I think it was just too much like school and I never felt like I fitted in, but I did like the uniform.... despite it's brownness :0)

I was even happier to see this sweet turquoise typewriter that I remembered from my childhood..........

These room sets were cleverly created on the ceiling. They were a bit hard to look at and I've turned this photo around to make them easier to view.............

Further along it was again the things I remember from my own childhood that caught my eye. Like these characters from the T.V. show "The Clangers".............

Beatrix Potters characters are I would have loved this tea set...........

Mr BM was most excited when he spotted this Raleigh Chopper bike. He made me laugh when he told me they broke and he had to have two replacements. Then he said they used to carry three children........two on the seat and one on the rack at the back...........

No wonder they broke!

There were toys from many different decades and this beautiful doll dress also grabbed my attention. It was so luxurious and I'm sure only the most privileged child would have owned something like this............

A child who lived in a grand country house like Sudbury Hall maybe............

We had a great time exploring the contrasting experiences available at this lovely property and I'm really looking forward to our next National Trust adventure.

Jacquie x


  1. I also wore a brownie uniform with a beret too, exactly same dress. I was like you with the brownies, I did stick it out but didn't go to guides, I had one of those typewriters too!
    I did a blog about scones once - you scones look yummy
    Julie xxxxxx

  2. We've been here too! The kids loved climbing the chimney and I LOVED all those toys I remember from my childhood! Xx

  3. My Brownie (1980's, US) uniform was a brown jumper dress with a zipper up the front and a white blouse with brown stripes, worn with an orange necktie. There was a beanie-type hat but I didn't have one. I did like the sash, though, with my badges sewn on. I would love to visit this museum. The bike story is hilarious!

  4. I was a Brownie in the late 1960's (U.S.). My uniform was a brown dress with buttons up the front and a sash for badges. I loved my beanie hat. I stayed in Girl Scouts all the way through to senior cadet the when we no longer had a leader in our small town. I loved this trip to Sudbury and I'm eagerly anticipating visits to other places too. :-)

  5. I too had a Brownie uniform with a beret and I had forgotten all about my Petite typewriter until seeing your photos. I also learned to ride a bike on my friend's Chopper and we followed the Bero recipes in our school cookery classes. Thank you for the lovely trip down Memory Lane. x

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  7. Your scones look amazing! The trip you took looks like it was a lot of fun for everyone! I've been enjoying reading your blog, whether you post food, trips, or crafts, it's always fun to read! I also have a blog and enjoy updating it! =) If you're interested in seeing some of the things I enjoy making, you can find my blog by clicking on my name, then on the link on my google plus page.... I warn you's no way near as neat and pretty as yours =).....

  8. About a year and a half ago I found the very same scones recipe you posted, and since then I've often cooked them, both me and my boyfriend love them with a bit of home-made jam and a nice cup of tea... Thanks for sharing some more photos of Sudbury Hall, it looks like an amazing place to visit! : )

  9. This looks a great place to visit. I love that children can experience what the chimney sweeps had to go through. I am going to have to make some scones now, my favourites are also cheese ones! Xx

  10. The scones....look exactly like the ones that Cook's Illustrated have in their March/April 2014 magazine. They are supposedly British Scones and they turned out absolutely perfect for me. I'll never make the American scones again. Lots of baking powder was the key for me. :)

  11. Thanks for the childhood memories! I had a Brownie uniform like that too. But like you - I didn't stay a member for long, it was never really "my thing". Hope you have a great weekend. x

  12. Yummy!

    Nice museum.
    Have you ever been to the Museum of Childhood in London (Bethnal Green). It is also very pretty.
    My daughter has been studying there for more than a year. She lived next to the museum. Bethnal Green is such a nice place, SO green and very near to the centre of London. I have visited her often.
    Unfortunately, we both are living in Belgium again now, we SO prefer the UK.

  13. Oh I LOVED the Clangers, wonderful. I used to have a brownie uniform like that as well, and the handbook too. And we used to dance round a lovely big wooden mushroom in our six, singing "Here we are the laughing Gnomes, helping mothers in their homes". It has all come screaming back.

  14. I was a Brownie and wore that uniform and had that handbook! I loved it though and went on to be a Guide and now a Guide leader! My girls all went through Brownies and Guides and my eldest is even training to be a Brownie leader! Funny how it suits some and not others. Thank you for the chance to remember!

  15. Yes, the typewriter is more you seeing that you turned out to be a writer.
    As for me the Brownies was best. I'm still in Guiding for over 45 years now.

  16. What a fabulous day out - I remember so many of the things you have photographed, I too was a brownie, I loved it. I had a typewriter just like the one pictured and a similar tea set, it felt like a proper grown up tea set not plastic rubbish like they are now (health and safety I suppose!) Oh the Clangers were brilliant, the wombles, Ivor the engine, Camberwick Green - oh the memories. Great post and gorgeous pictures as always.

  17. That place just looks soooo awesome. How cool is it that the children can actually interact with the building? Love it, I really want to go. It is definitely on my bucket list :)

  18. I'm a Brownie leader, and this year is the Big Brownie Birthday, as the Brownie section is 100 years old! My Brownies saw lots of old uniforms, and decided they like the current one the best!

  19. A fantastic post, so nostalgic, it brings big smiles! Chrissie x

  20. I had that same Brownie uniform and the same handbook! It is lovely to look back at these things and remember isn't it. I hope that you enjoy lots more National Trust adventures. xx

  21. I've got the same edition of the Bero book, mine is falling apart it's so well used

  22. Goodness! The museum has somehow transported the ABBA posters, space hopper and snoopy dolls from my girlhood bedroom in 1976!

  23. Oh dear that museum of childhood makes me feel old! I had a brownie uniform and handbook like that and a similar typewriter! Sarah x

  24. Lol. It looks like mine and my sisters old bedroom. I was the Abba super trooper and she was the Bay City Rollers shangalang.


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