Monday 10 March 2014

Sunny Sunday

Hello lovelies,
almost exactly four years ago HERE, my second ever blog post had this title.
 525 posts later I still love bloging and I'm not thinking of stopping any time soon.

I love this time of year when when the weather is kind, and it was especially kind yesterday.
I hung out the washing for the first time this year and was shocked by the size of my eldest boys school shirts....they looked man-sized on the line..........

 much laundry sniffing occurred in the evening as I put this lot smelt wonderful.

Mr BM and the boys cut the grass for the first time and they sweetly picked a few daisies for me before the mower could chop them up..........

I was also summoned to admire this fine frog ( or is it a toad )  in our pond.........wonder if we will have frog spawn soon.........

Indoors the rooms were flooded with sunlight and yet more daffodils were opening up. They are 3 bunches for £1 right now so how could I resist............

In the afternoon we all headed out for a bike ride. I'm a very fair weather cyclist so my bike usually doesn't get used till about May, but yesterday it really felt like May ( 19 degrees Celsius in our garden ).

Those boys who wear the big shirts now badly  need bigger bikes...........

Some of us, including me, were wearing shorts, it was glorious............

The snowdrops around the pond had finished flowering but it still looked lovely...........

I think this year my bike will be treated to some crochet. Maybe some of Kate's sweet bunting. The pattern's  HERE ..........

We rode for a couple of miles along a quiet single track lane, then stopped to admire the view........

Before turning around and pedalling back home...........

I love feeling the breeze in my face and watching those pretty cycle shadows............

and I love this view..........

In four years of blogging I've shown you this favourite cycle route before , but I hope you enjoyed a repeat visit.......I did.
Thank you for all you kind comments over the years , I know I've said it before, but they really do mean a lot.
Have a great week.
Jacquie x


  1. Amazing pics, as always! Glad to read you had a great sunday, hope you'll have a nice week too! : )

  2. A great Sunday, the weather was glorious. I have the same thoughts when I stick my youngest sons school shirts on the line & when I see his shoes/trainers lined up, he has bigger feet than me!

  3. It was beautifully sunny here too. It just makes you want to get outside.
    Love from Mum

  4. Always lovely to see any of your walks or cycle rides!! Glad that you are still enjoying blogging so much, and I look forward to reading what you have to share for many more years!! xx

  5. Lovely cheery post amazing what a bit of sunshine can do!!! Congratulations on your blogaverary xx

  6. We have been so blessed with good weather haven't's been 4great years, thank you so much! :) x

  7. We are really enjoying the weather too. Jo x

  8. Happy Blog birthday Jacquie! I LOVE visiting here so much, your blog posts continue to delight and warm my heart. I've celebrate my own on Wednesday, six years. Can hardly believe it. Hope the sunshine sticks around, it's been soooo nice to feel it's warmth.

  9. Love your blog. Lovely frog you have there not a toad. I have spawn so I am sure you should too any day now.

  10. It is such a relief to see signs of spring actually coming to something and being able to do spring type things. There is nothing quite like the smell of line dried clothes.

  11. Congratulations on four lovely blog years Jacquie, and thanks so much for all your wonderful sharing!
    I still call myself a beginner at almost one year - in a week or so actually - but my, doesn't time fly when you're having fun.
    Thanks so much for your beautiful pics once again, they never fail to cheer me, and I'm so happy you are finally having a sweet taste of spring in your area. We have finally had a few showers here the past few days on this dry and thirsty land, and they are so welcome, especially as the rain has begun as heavy drizzle and not heavy torrents that just wash away and don't soak into the earth!
    Wishing you many more years of happy blogging, Joy xo

  12. Oi Jacquie, adoro visitar o seu blog. Toda essa natureza que você gentilmente nos permiti compartilhar me enche de energia. Com certeza este foi apenas o primeiro de muitos Domingos ensolarados que a estação esta trazendo. Abraço pra você!!

  13. How wonderful to live in the countryside and enjoy it all on a daily basis! I agree there's nothing like the smell of washing dried outside. We townies can't do that!
    So glad you're getting such an early and wonderful spring!

  14. What a beautiful route for cycling. I need to get my other half's bike serviced and work out how to fit the carrier onto the car then we can all go for a ride together. I love the bicycle shadow picture, well done for not falling off while you were taking it! A great frog picture as well, no doubt you will have frogspawn very soon. I know exactly what you mean about big boys. My ten year old is not far off of adult sizes. His feet are only one size smaller than mine now. Sigh.

  15. Wow, that it's a great number of posts ...I think I've published 4 posts now! I love your bike xxx

  16. Your posts are an inspiraton - your pictures are gorgeous - and I agree with you this spring like weather is fabulous - it certainly makes me feel a whole heap better.

  17. You can show us this path everyday, it is gorgeous. Hugs to you,

  18. Congrats on your blogaversary !! I love reading your posts!!:)

  19. Its so great to make the most of these fine sunny days! There is nothing to compare to the smell of line-dried laundry. here's to a lovely week.xx

  20. Hi Dear,
    how beautiful. Can smell the fresh air!
    All the best from Austria

  21. Happy spring to you from Italy!

  22. Happy Blog Anniversary and thank you for sharing your life. It's scary about the kids growing up. It happens by stealth. It was a sad day for me as each of my boys grew taller than me. They thought it was fabulous. Only one of them attained the height of his dad!
    It is so nice to see that spring has sprung in your neck of the woods. Autumn is just beginning here and the nights are starting to get here earlier than a month ago.
    I look forward to your summer pics while we shiver here. It won't be long now. :)

  23. Wasn't it a glorious weekend? We all needed it, spirits have been lifted and laundry has been revived! ;-) Love your cycle route, thank you for sharing! Chrissie x

  24. Lovely pics so glad you got out into the sunshine and fresh air, I noticed yesterday we have frogspwan in the the pond.
    Clare x

  25. Congratulations on your fourth blogging anniversary and 525 posts! It looked as if you had a wonderful day for a bike ride. Sarah x

  26. Love these photos and happy blogiversary!!! So glad you're still loving it!
    Kate :}

  27. Szívesen nézegetem a blogodat innen Magyarországról, Budapestről....
    Itt is kezdődik a tavasz, lehet a kertben dolgozni és figyelni a virágok nyílását.
    Biciklizni mi nyáron szoktunk, ahol nyaralunk, a Balatonnál.
    Szép napot kívánok! :)

  28. Just popping in to say congratulations for being featured in the supplement of Simply Crochet! So nice to see you!


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