Tuesday 25 March 2014

Weekend Views

Hello Lovelies,
on Saturday morning I headed out on my bike, a scrap of my skirt fabric in my pocket, hoping to find some ric-rac in our local yarn store.......

The sun was in and out, with pretty scudding clouds and a fresh breeze...........

I stopped to gaze at the countryside through a gap in the hedge, and noticed all the little green buds ready to burst open..........

There was lots of activity at the allotments.........

It's a fairly level ride to the shops, but with a strong head wind it was quite an effort, I was out of breath when I got there. The florists shop looked lovely in the sunshine............

The LYS didn't have the sort of trim I was hoping for, so I just made a small purchase. I do appreciate having a source of yarn and haberdashery within cycling distance and try and support it when I can.

I was really enjoying being out and about on such a lovely spring day, noticing a favourite garden you can see from the footpath...........

And blossom looking gorgeous in the sunshine.........

This hedge is usually full of birds and there were plenty around on Saturday..........

There are 4 in in this photo

Such sweet, brave little things that don't all disappear the minute they see a person.
 They were hopping about and chirping away..............

I didn't know what this small brown bird was.........

So once home, I got out my trusty bird identification book...........

 There is a link HERE were you can listen to their noisy chatter.

A trip into  town that afternoon provided the giant ric-rac and some new clothes for eldest (those boys will keep growing!)

On Sunday morning the weather was again sunny and I felt inspired to start a new crochet project. Loving the yummy Stylecraft colours in my big yarn bag...........

Mid afternoon my lovely sister-in-law, neice, eldest any myself set off on a walk.  As we headed along a footpath I've never explored before the weather was still sunny, but the sky looked menacing.......

we came out on a quiet road and I liked the light flooding through this crumbling estate gateway......

It was still windy and the weather was changing by the minute. Here we were getting wet in sleety rain, but we could see sunshine on the distant hills...........

Soon the clouds blew over and the sun reappeared...........

It was so nice wandering along quiet lanes with pleasant company...........

Peeking through gateways and spying quaint old red brick buildings bathed in sunlight..........

My Niece spotted these tiny wild violets in the grass verge...........

The sky kept grabbing our attention.......... you could clearly see it raining in the distance.........

I wonder what this dilapidated old carriage has been used for in the past........now it just looked unused and unloved..........

Where as this old bench looked lovely with the addition of colourful lichen.........

We had been walking for a couple of hours by this time and this brooding sky, coupled with a meal needing to be cooked, prompted us to cheat a little....we called Mr BM for a lift home :0)

I've saved the best photo from this walk till last.

My niece was keen to see some lambs up close  and we lucked out with this friendly group :0)


And I'll finish this post with a glimpse of the progress I've already made on my quirky crochet project. It's making me happy and I expect it will make you smile when you find out what it is ..........

Right, I'm off to carry on with this........ hopefully there will be a little ta-dah very soon :0)
Thank you for all your wonderful comments on my sewing posts.
Jacquie x


  1. Wonderful photos! Makes me feel like getting my walking boots on and getting out there. We're having pretty changeable weather here too. Sunshine then sleet! X

  2. Gorgeous pictures (as usual!)! Weather here in Germany changes everyday. 20 ° C last week and this morning just 0 ° C. I even had to scratch the ice from my car...

    Very excited to see what your new project will become! Looks very pretty already!

    Take care,


  3. lovely photos.........I enjoyed having a peek at your part of the world

  4. I love your bike, I love the lambs, I love your bag of yarn. Lots to love in your sweet world of views! But it is soooooooooooooo flat! Don't you miss the hills?

  5. Thank you so much for the link to the house sparrows' 'song' - it brought tears to my eyes with memories of my birth country Scotland! And the sweet little lambs - as I looked at the pic I uttered the same sound as your caption - awwwww - they are so gorgeous, and especially the black-faced ones. Thank you Jacquie for such wonderful treats! Such a lovely combination of colours in your crochet project - I'll look forward to seeing more . . . enjoy your week, Joy xo

  6. So many gorgeous photos, this is currently my favourite blog and I've started my own sketchbook because you've inspired me so much!!

    Where do you live? It looks a lot like where I grew up in Devon!

  7. What fabulous pictures they remind me of where we used to live especially those lambs in the field. Thank you for sharing a peek into your world. I'm looking forward to seeing what you are making with that lovely colourful style craft yarn
    Jackie x

  8. What beautiful photos, you have surpassed yourself. I love the peek at the allotments and the beautiful garden. And I always love to watch the sky when I'm out and about. The violets are really pretty, well spotted to your niece. The lambs are adorable, and your photo of them is fantastic, you've really captured their curiosity. Hope you have a good week Jacquie, CJ xx

  9. I love your photos Jackie, the gardens, clouds, the allotments, just gorgeous. Your crochet project is looking lovely too.
    Anne xx

  10. Lovely walk and I am already loving the crochet hehe!

  11. Passeio lindo e paisagem maravilhosa!

  12. Your photos are marvelous! I love the weather in March, so unpredictable... : ) Can't wait to see the finished crochet project! ; ) xx

  13. Oh! That last photo is THE cutest! It reminds me of those grammar school group photos. lol The crochet project looks lovely, can't wait to see what it turns out to be. I love the daffodils in the wooden shoes, looking very much like spring is near. I so wish we could bike to town here, sadly it's w-a-y too far.

  14. Wouldn't it be lovely to rescue the old railway carriage and turn it into a studio for woolly and sewing goodness!

  15. Those little lambs are just adorable! I love your photos Jacquie. And I identified your little bird before you showed your book. We nickname them 'sproggies' here.
    It's lovely that spring looks like it is really making its way to your neck of the woods. But it would seem your April showers are just a wee bit early. :)

  16. How nice to have a yarn shop within biking distance from home. I'm afraid I would spend all my time there. :-). Your pictures are beautiful, especially the brooding skies and the lambs. Oh my goodness. Can the sweetness be contained in one picture? Thank you for taking us along on your day.

  17. Oh I do love 'accompanying' you on your adventures, Jacquie! The photos are amazing - the sky with those rainclouds are so striking - and I just know one of these days you'll take a little lamb home with you ... ;-) Now I wonder what those teeny little crochet colours are going to be? Hmmm...Chrissie x

  18. Oh Jacquie that last photo made me laugh - what cuties! There are some beautiful pictures here - in fact the ones of the sparrows look almost 3d - I really must start paying a bit more attention to my poor old neglected camera. Glad you were able to enjoy that lovely sunshine - it's grey and miserable here now! Jane x

  19. lovely photos, those little lambs are so cute, they posed very well!!

  20. I love your photos Jacquie - the countryside is so different to where I live in North Norfolk! Which bird identification book do you have? I am constantly looking at birds in the garden and don't know what they are - it would be really helpful to have a simple one! Happy hooking. Jane xx

  21. Oh my goodness what dramatic skies! So beautiful. And lovely little lamb-ies.

  22. Such gorgeous photos! It's almost as though I am there. Can't wait to see your Tah-Dah. :)

  23. I'm looking forward to seeing what your ta dah! will be. The little lambs are so cute and lovely to see at this time of year aren't they! xx

  24. I love your walks. Looking forward to the ta dah! x

  25. Such a lovely post....I feel like I've just been for a walk with you :-) Very much looking forward to your ta dah. Have a lovely week,
    Tracey xx

  26. Wonderful pictures, we have a flock of sparrows at the bottom of the garden.
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  27. I absolutely love your photo's The one with the wagon is great . This once was a very smart Showman's Living Wagon . My brother in-law has one and it is beautiful. If I could do links I would show you. Thank you for a wonderful blog .

  28. such a wonderful post and so many great photos!!!! i love it all.we have many sparrows in our garden.
    i love your wonderful crochet work.
    have a wonderful week,
    love regina

  29. Gorgeous pictures as always - I am looking forward to seeing what the crochet will become - thanks for sharing your weekend.

  30. Your weather photographs are spectacular. You seem to have an eye for scenic pictures wherever your rambles take you whether in a town or along the country lanes and a nose for an interesting story. I do enjoy reading about your interesting discoveries and the time and effort you take to incorporate links to further information is most appreciated by those of us who are too curious and want to know more! It struck me while reading this post and the subsequent one that your local newspaper could probably use someone with your talents. I am sure the long-time locals would appreciate your fresh eyes and story angles as much as those of us who live far away.

  31. I just looove that picture of the lambs!!

    My mother-in-law keeps sheep for their fleeces (she is a VERY talented woolly lady). They just had this year's first lambs today - I have a photo she sent me which I blogged here: http://inpursuitoftheworthwhile.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/new-arrivals.html

    I love reading your blog, thank you! :)



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