Sunday 23 March 2014

Sewing Again

Hello lovelies,
I didn't intend to start a another dressmaking project, but after  seeing THIS post by the talented Daisy I couldn't resist ordering the pattern she had shared and recommended..............

 I have to agree with Daisy about the uninspiring styling you get on pattern packets. I wouldn't have chosen this pattern based on these images................

But thankfully after seeing Daisy's versions I knew it was a goody. And it arrived in super quick time ( ordered via HERE on Monday evening , it arrived in  the post on Wednesday morning ).

On Thursday my car had to go into the garage for a service so I had the perfect excuse to stay home and do some sewing.

Having not had time to go and look for some fabric, I once more searched my stash. The only fabric I fancied using was barely big enough ( it was a meter that had already had a rectangle used from it. So I laid out the pattern pieces the only was I could get them to fit............well nearly fit!

 I know you are not supposed to have skirt panels facing in opposite directions, but I figured to would not matter with the fabric I was using.

I have to say how MUCH I enjoyed sewing this skirt.
I had spent a couple of hours in the morning doing some housework so I didn't have that annoying voice in my head saying "you really should be doing some jobs Jacquie"
I was working in a quiet house, in our light conservatory. In the winter it's freezing and in the summer it's too hot....but right now........ it's just right.
But I think the big difference was knowing the pattern came highly recommended so  could relax a bit, knowing it would hopefully turn out O.K.

As Daisy mentioned in her post , this pattern was used in Episode 1 of the first series of The Great British Sewing Bee. I've managed to find pictures of the skirts the contestants made HERE (scroll across )

I took my time and carefully followed the pattern instructions. There is no waistband on this skirt, but the waist facing is a little tricky. Here I'm tacking the facing ( with it's iron on interfacing ) onto the skirt........

Here I'm picking up my camera to capture a picture of our friendly garden squirrel with a mouth full of peanuts..........

And here's he or she burying them for later :0)

Sorry, back to the skirt.
Here I'm under-stitching the facing to prevent it showing on the finished garment........

And after a couple more stages I had a completed skirt. It took me about four and a half hours to do. That may be slow for this beginner make, but I was just very happy to be able to complete it in one session.

And here's my latest sewing project........ta-dah........

 This is the front

And this is the back.........

Did anybody notice a problem?  Turns out the fabric that I thought didn't have a right or a wrong way up actually does ....oooops, oh well I don't think anybody will notice :0)

It was an easy fabric to work with and I'm pleased with the standard of finish I managed to achieve on this skirt. The zip turned out well...........

And I'm happy to show you a close up of the finished facing.......

Daisy has some great sewing tips in THIS post.

My fabric was a little too small for the knee length version of this pattern , so I just made it as long as I could and turned up a smaller hem than the pattern suggested............

Here I'm wearing it with my top tucked in so you can see what a great fit the waistband is. The hips were just a bit too loose but it was easy to take them in a bit.
 Do check the size guide on the pattern .....I buy a size 10 in clothes, but this is a size 14 pattern.........

 Please excuse the pasty white legs.......they need some sun.

You may have noticed I also copied Daisy and added some big Ric-Rac trim close to the hem. I love cerise........

Here's how I will wear this skirt, with a T.shirt over the waist..........and I'm sure I will wear it lots. I'm thrilled with how it turned out and I was a joy to make............

 Can you see Teddy's mini cowl....I made that while doing the cowl tutorial for Simply Crochet :0)

I'm sorry about the poor quality of some of these photo's , the light wasn't brilliant. That did mean I took a photo of myself that was quiet flattering........that doesn't happen often these days!.........

 Hello Lovelies :0)
I hope you all have a super Sunday.
Jacquie x


  1. I love your skirt! Maybe I will get up the courage to try making clothing! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Wonderful skirt, and I'm encouraged by how quickly you made it. I really must give this a go myself. Just need to find some time... You've made a beautiful job of it, and it really suits you. Perfect for spring and summer.

  3. Your skirt is lovely! Your last sewing adventure inspired me to dust off my sewing machine and as it happens, I'm also going to be sewing this weekend as I'm making some trousers for small daughter who refuses to wear anything with a zip and/or buttons and needs something other than leggings! Thanks for the pattern recommendation, can feel a purchase coming on! xx

  4. it looks really good on you. I saw that it would make a difference in your foto while cutting it....but luckily its the front and back and I indeed think that no one will notice. It looks really nice.

  5. Whop whoop! You are getting me feeling all stitch too. Love the skirt and the photos. Bring on summer .

  6. Ooh, I should just love to be able to make myself a skirt like that. It's so pretty Jacquie. I adore that ditsy fabric and the ricrac trim is perfection. You make it sound easier than I'm sure it is and I'm in danger of feeling a teensy bit like I might be able to make one, one day …

    What a lovely figure you have too!

    Heather xx

  7. This is fantastic Jacqui. I have dabbled with very simple skirt making, but nothing that required a zip.

    I think I need to be brave and have a go at something like this - with the fabric so cheap on our local market it wouldn't be the end of the world if it didn't work out. And with the evenings drawing out now (especially after next weekend) I would get a couple of hours of natural light (cant stand using the sewing machine in artificial light, gives me a real headache).

    Cant wait to see what you make next!


  8. The skirt looks great on you! Beautiful work!

    Also hello to you little sqirrel friend!

    Take care, Anne

  9. A really nice skirt indeed, I love the flowery fabric, and it fits you wonderfully! : ) Have a nice Sunday! xx

  10. Such a lovely skirts love the fabric too and the pink ric rac makes my heart sing.
    Clare xx

  11. Jacquie I am cheering and clapping and hollering "more more" !!
    Its gorgeous, I love the ric-rac too.
    'Sew' well done to you, something from nothing a bonus!
    .... no one will notice the pattern direction except you,
    Whats next, told you its addictive...
    bestest as ever
    Daisy j xx

  12. Looks great! Before you know it you'll be buying a Serger. lol (It eliminates a lot of steps needed with just a sewing machine.) I'm always making a pattern fit on fabric, so I think it's great you're thinking outside the box. :))

  13. Love it! Well done. I'm starting to teach myself dressmaking and am thoroughly enjoying it. It's so satisfying, isn't? Your own choice of fabric and tweaks for fit. I don't think anyone will notice the fabric direction, being on opposite sides. Looks lovely with that top - enjoy wearing! Jen

  14. What a cute skirt - it is just the style that I like to wear and so much cheaper than those for sale in shops or online - AND you can get it the exact length that you like.
    Well done on your latest sewing makes . Thanks for sharing
    Caz xx
    PS love the bright ric rac too - really makes the skirt

  15. Fab-u-lous skirt!! I love your Great British Sewing Bee meets Great British Bake Off style too! Yes you can tell on close inspection the 2 sideshave little arcs in opposite directions but only if you were looking! I really admire you have made something for nothing and used that lovely fabric up. I have material drying on the line now.....I'm quite scared after such a long time away from garment making, but you have inspired me. Great job on the photos .

  16. PS I have been having the vapours over sizes....I am a 12-14 and after measuring like a good girl should it seems I am least an 18.....I am glad it;'s not just me, wonder if all patterns are American sizes?

  17. great skirt...I'm most impressed with your sewing skills. It suits you well!

  18. Well done Jacquie, that's a pretty ditsy little flower fabric and perfect for that skirt. I've just had to have an emergency dressmaking session myself as I decided I hadn't got a thing to wear to the ARUK conference tomorrow! Thankfully I have a rather large stash of fabric. It's great that so many people are coming back to sewing thanks to the programme.

  19. Your skirt is lovely, Jacquie. It looks very nice on you too, perfect for spring and summer.

  20. That skirt is adorable! I wish I could sew, pants are so hard to buy when you are a wonky size like me. Small waist, big bottom. Lol. Love the trim on the bottom too:)

  21. Loving the new series of sewing bee. That skirt looks lovely. I have never had a go at making clothes for myself but feel really inspired by you. Thanks. X

  22. Perfect! I have lots of skirts like this but they come from the book Sew Serendipity by Kay Whitt - there you can add pockets, contrasting panels and ruffles around the edge as you get better and better. Great project Jacquie xxx

  23. This sewing adventure is great! I like the fabrics you chose :) Neatly sewed also!
    I am sure you will be using it a lot in summer.
    Have a nice day!

  24. Your skirt is lovely. I have to say that since the new Sewing Bee series started this season I have been itching to sew some clothes. Seeing your sewing adventure has really motivated me to actually get going. I am going to order this pattern and sew a couple of summer skirts! Thanks for posting and for the link to Lazy Daisy Jones Blog :o)

  25. Beautiful! It looks really well done. I love the trim you added at the end. My last sewing project had understitching. I didn't even know what that was and I felt mighty fancy after I learned out to do it. Haha.

  26. Beautiful! I think I should try making some skirts, I always make dresses and they take so much longer.

  27. Great job Jacquie, hope that you enjoy wearing it lots over the summer. xx

  28. Nice skirt, Jacquie! And, 4 hours is not too long. You've shown patience and perseverance and it has paid off.
    Just make sure you aren't standing side on to anyone and they won't notice the fabric repeat issue.
    It seems you've been bitten by the bug!
    By the way, love your little squirrel friend. They look so light and nimble. Here in Australia, the equivalent would be a possum. I swear that when they decide to do a roof run, they don hobnailed boots and put maximum effort into it. It sounds like a heard of elephants! I'm just glad there are none near me, but I wouldn't mind a couple of squirrels! :)

  29. Fantastic new skirt! And modeled so beautifully! :-) You should be very proud of yourself, I love the fabric, the pattern looks great (I was tempted by Daisy's recent wardrobe additions, too!). Also loving the squirrel...and thanks for sharing the tips and photos, so helpful for this newbie seamstress! Chrissie x

  30. Wow, a gorgeous skirt :D I'm almost tempted to have a go, but I'm not so great at sewing! I enjoyed reading about it though ;)

  31. Wonderful skirt! It fits perfectly and looks lovely on you. I was also taken with the photo of the squirrel and the grass, the beautiful green grass. Where I am we are still getting battered by winter and snow.

  32. What a happy skirt! Well done-looks good on you!

  33. Gorgeous skirt!
    Hurray for the squirrel with nuts in his mouth!

  34. Love your skirt. Such a fun project :)

  35. Lovely skirt, Jacquie. And the ric rac is fab! after reading Daisy's post and yours I may just have to succumb to temptation and add that pattern to my collection! E x

  36. I love your skirt and I know what you mean about the sizing......terribly depressing.....think I'll eat a biscuit...oh no that will put me another dress size up!!! Sarah xo

  37. Hi Jacquie, your skirt is lovely and looks superb on you :-)
    I enjoyed making mine and I'll soon be making another methinks.
    Tracey xx

  38. Hi Jacquie, your skirt is lovely, love the pattern on the fabric. I'm impressed it only took four hours, mine took much longer!! Enjoy wearing your skirt.
    Jane x

  39. Love it! I have just finished mine - glad to hear what you said about sizing - I am usually a 14 and found I needed something half way between a 16 and 18. Not good for the moral but a lovely well-fitting skirt as a result. xx

  40. When I saw the simple design of the pattern, the first thing I thought of was my embroidery machine. Most of us have many fancy stitches on our sewing machines….USE THEM. I love the touch of rick rack at the hem. I thought of 3 or 5 rows in multiple colors to match the print. Or an Ombre' effect on solid fabric. Oh so many ideas, so little time!


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