Sunday 9 March 2014

Winners, Flowers and Spring Shelves

Hello lovelies,
Thank you so much for all your comments and entries to my give-away.
The lucky winners are Marjbrit and Clare
 congratulations !  I've already sent you a message via e. mail :0)

When I walked into the kitchen on Saturday morning the Daffodils I picked up as tightly closed buds on Thursday were looking at their peak of perfection.........they took my breath away..........

The sun was shining so I took some pictures of my spring shelves for you lovelies.


It was Thursday morning that I decided that they must be done at once.
 I removed all the dusty ornaments and polished the shelves before unwrapping the thrifted plates and bits and bobs I've been collecting for this display throughout the winter.

It was this sweet blossom plate that planted the seed of this idea and I tried to hunt out nice things with these pink, green and creamy yellow colours................

I really like the idea of changing the things on my dresser shelves to suit the seasons.
 Otherwise after a while I simply stop noticing it at all.

And it's been such great fun to plan and make things too. My crochet primroses look right at home with the mixture of old things I've  recently thrifted  and old things I've had since childhood...............

As do my crochet Snowdrops.............

I had a lot of fun playing around arranging and rearranging stuff till I was really happy with how it all looked.
I was going to stick with the pink/green/cream colours, but in the end I felt it needed a pop or two of red as well..............

The cute pink tea pot was something Mum spotted in the charity shop and I love it.

The  precious blue and white china is now stored in the basket you can see on top of my dresser and you can just about see my new  pink doily under the fruit bowl........

The pattern for the crochet triangles  used to make the bunting is HERE and I used good old Stylecraft Special Acrylic yarn.

It was a charity shop find on Saturday morning , I love this pattern............

 I  am pleased with how my Welsh dresser looks. It's so me, if you know what I mean.
 It's crochet, flowers, nature illustrations and cute creatures..........I LOVE it and I'm feeling inspired to do something similar for Summer :0)

Later on Saturday we had a little outing to a magnificent country house.....but that deserves it's own post....

I hope you lovelies have had a good weekend. And those of you that are in the U.K. have enjoyed the exceptionally mild and sunny weather's been such a wonderful treat.

Jacquie x


  1. Well done on your magazine feature - I bought it yesterday. They should put the primrose basket in too:) x

  2. It has been an amazing day, spent most of it out side, love the Spring shelf. Going to pinch that idea and I might change it once a month... Now you have got me thinking....
    Amanda x

  3. Oh thank you so much I'm so excited to win. Your Spring shelf is looking so wonderful and the bunting is so sweet, I've just taken down my winter wreath ready to re pin the Spring flowers, as Spring seems to have sprung.
    Clare xx

  4. Your spring shelves looks absolutely lovely - great idea about changing the decor for the seasons, if I ever get orgainsed enough I shall have a go at that, I have some shelves very similar to yours in my kitchen.

  5. Your spring shelf is beautiful. I have a good friend who changes the pictures on her walls and all of her little "set abouts" every season. I've never been that organized but I think it's a great idea. You would never get tired of your pretty things if they were changed around. Thanks for showing us your pretty shelf.

  6. What a lovely idea to change your display on your dresser. It is an idea I might borrow because mine has so much on it and nothing matches at all.

  7. Your dresser looks wonderful, so fresh and springlike. The crochet flowers are brilliant, clever you! I shall look forward to seeing more of that fantastic house and garden. Hope you have a really good week. CJ xx

  8. Ahhh, all so sweet and fresh. I love pink and green and I do thank you for your inspiration. :)

  9. Your dresser looks great. And hasn't it been wonderful to see the sun this weekend. X

  10. Beautiful and love your dresser. Just getting my mojo back for crochet/knit/sew which
    is a great feeling ☺

  11. The dresser looks lovely. Have to say my Willow pattern plates are a permanent fixture in mine. Not sure where I'd put them, no room inside!

    You've inspired me to change my mantelpiece. It's looking a bit drab.

    The daffs do look gorgeous & I can almost smell them,

  12. Love your dresser and all your knick-knacks which make it seem like home! All the spring flowers are such a joy now here too!

  13. Looking good! My dresser shelves need urgent attention, they have become a dumping ground -oops! I also love the primroses, very Springy. Congrats on the magazine feature, I read it this weekend, exciting times!

  14. Sunshine... a treat indeed!
    Jacqui x

  15. Your dresser looks amazing and such a wonderful idea. It was great to get out and about in a little bit of sun.

  16. Congratulations to the winners, drat I'm going to have to buy this issue now, I've signed up for the subscription from your last post but it starts with the next issue. Your dresser looks great, its amazing what a bit of sun makes us feel like.

  17. Wonderful pictures
    Julie xxxxxxx

  18. I like your photos. I love England. Do you live in Nottinghamshire?
    Regards from sunny Poland
    Kasia :)

  19. Your dresser is looking so pretty Jacquie - such a good idea to ring the changes in such a way! I'm pleased to hear you've been having some nice sunny weather at last. Congrats to Clare and Marjbrit on their win. Joy x

  20. loving the spring dresser. i was going to have a giveaway on my blog bt as i have a new one and very few followers i was wondering if i could just send you a little spring parcel and drawing ~ im starting a new job but will send it out to you before the Easter hols?. your blog brings me lots of joy.
    kazzy x

    1. do you have an email address i could send you a message and you could let me know where to send it?

  21. Congratulations to your winners! Your spring shelves look lovely with all of your pretty things. I really like your primroses and snowdrops that you made yourself! xx

  22. Great work with the drawer! :-) I am not very good with changing the decor with season but I am trying this year! Already made the first little crochet easter eggs. :-)
    Take care,

  23. I really like how youve done up your dresser. Im totally mad about my dresser too and ive biukt up a collection of vintage pieces but ive never thought of changing it by the season. Great idea, can I nab it from you? Mine could do with a revamp at the mo!

  24. Aw your dresser looks lovely, the snowdrops are the cutest and the bunting is pretty! Congrats to the winners!

  25. Lovely post, thank you :-) and well done with the magazine. My dresser is desperate for a clean; I brought the step ladder into the house and that's as far as I got! Xx

  26. Very pretty! I love how you have used the changing seasons as the stimulus for a change of display, and what a neat to purchase 'new' pretty things to mix with the old, keeping the display fresh year after year. You are right about the dresser losing your attention when it remains the same for a long time. I have a dresser too which has changes of display every so often - my knick knacks are so eclectic, if I had them all out at once it would look like a jumble sale! I do admire your eye for colour. The colour schemes you put together are so pretty and attractive but never bland - you always find an accent colour to make the scene lively. Thank you as always for sharing your beautiful views. I am glad you have had nice weather and I am looking forward to more photos from your walks. Cheers

  27. Hi, I am one of your followers, if you wish to visit my blog

  28. I think it's a great idea to change your shelves with the seasons - as you say, it's easy to stop noticing what's there. Lovely spring flowers as well!

  29. The daffodils, I adore! I picked a huge bouquet of them yesterday and brought in to enjoy. Your shelves turned out super pretty, love the mini bunting, you've inspired me (yet again) to start some myself, for my doorways, but just might have to add some to my shelves BTW, I hunt thrifted plates as well.

  30. Lucky me, I have recieved both the crochet hook, and the lovely card from you and the crochet magazine from the publisher :)


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