Sunday 30 March 2014

Springtime Smiles

Hello Lovelies,
thank you so much for all your super comments on my crochet saddle cover....I'm so pleased you liked it :0)

Yesterday the weather was lovely...........time to open the windows and let some fresh spring air waft through the house. 
I picked some flowers from the garden and popped them into my latest charity shop finds..........

 The French Marigolds have bloomed all mild this winter was.

In the afternoon the  sunshine was calling to me and it seemed like the perfect weather to go for a little cycle ride. The rest of the family were busy so I headed out alone, along roads and then onto this rough track.......

The sky was the palest of blues and the  fields faded into the distance............

The gentle spring sunlight illuminated this lovely pony's mane and tail.......

Lots of horses and kept in the fields along this bridleway, and there was plenty of activity on such a gorgeous afternoon...........

Further along the fields are used for crops and the Rapeseed is just beginning to flower, it does seem early this year...........

 I stopped to admire the view and listened to the song of this cute Robin.......

It really was perfect cycling weather and I love to cycle through the countryside, with no other traffic to worry about...........

Ahead of me was a hill.........O.K. what counts as a hill in these parts......... I've lived here for so many years I sort of forget what proper hills look like sometimes ( but I still miss them )

This hill was steep enough and long enough to make my legs ache and my heart pound, and that made me happy, I do like to feel like I've had a bit of exercise when I go out on my bike.

I was relieved when I reached this strange "horse stile"  at the top........

Then it was out onto local roads again, I smiled as I passed sunlit Daffodils........

And loved the sight of them looking so natural in this little coppice...........

All the fresh air had made me hungry and I turned on the oven to do a little baking. I tried a new recipe for some very simple biscuits that everybody loved........

I'll share the recipe next time lovelies.

And today I got to see what the rest of the family were so busy with yesterday afternoon.
 My old bird table had seen better days, and last week it looked like this............

After many hours of work revamping it yesterday I now looks like this.........

How I LOVE this mothers day gift. A gift that is hand made with love and so thoughtful. It really made my heart sing.

This land of gentle rolling hills and hedgerows may not have the dramatic views that I grew up with, but if I hadn't come here in my early twenties, who knows if I would have ended up with a family. Especially one that is happy to put up with my dizziness and disorganisation. I'm feeling very sentimental and truly blessed this mothers day.
Jacquie x


  1. What a delightful cycle ride. xx

  2. Happy Mother's day! A beautiful ride, thanks for sharing. A very lovely Mother's day present indeed, one that will continue to give pleasure to you and the birds! :) ( I so want to have a bike ride

  3. Sweet little robin, yes I feel blessed to.....have a lovely week! :) x

  4. It has been such a lovely spring day today, it's so nice to be out and about and not freezing!
    Your bird table is very sweet, how nice to have it remade for you

  5. A lovely trip out in the sunshine- really lifts the spirits.xx

  6. What a beautiful bike ride, lovely scenery and wonderful weather. The bird table is looking fantastic, let's hope you have lots of visitors to it. Hope you enjoy the rest of your day. CJ xx

  7. i love your spring pictures they bring so much brightness and cheer. hope your having a lovely mothers day. I have started blogging on my old blog again . x

  8. The pictures of the flowers and the animals make me feel so joyful! You did an amazing job on your bird table, love it! I'll definitely be looking out for you biscuit recipe!

  9. Perfect. :)
    (And I agree the rapeseed does seem very early this year. )
    Glad you've had a great weekend. x

  10. Lucky you. Your present is just the ticket.
    Love from Mum

  11. Happy Mother's Day & what a beautiful gift!

  12. Yay! The best type of Mothers Day. One filled with love x

  13. it's been lovely here too we even had our morning cuppa in the garden :) Happy Mothers Day!

  14. Jacqui what a fabulous post, I can almost smell the freshness of the countryside, makes my heart sing. I love your special gift and I know you will get so much pleasure from it throughout the year. Have a lovely week Jacqui and thank you for your lovely comments, they mean a lot to me.
    Lots of love

  15. What a wonderful bike ride. The charity shop find striped jug is delightful and the bird house is an amazing gift. Hope you had a great mothers day.

  16. What a lovely gift :-)
    Loved the photos from your bike ride too x

  17. The new bird table looks very posh indeed!! I hope that the birds appreciate their new surroundings! Your bike ride looks as though it was lovely, I've never seen a horse stile before, that is a new one on me!! xx

  18. What a joyful day you've had Jacqui; it's such a pleasure too visit you here.
    Tracey xxx

  19. What a lovely bike ride that was Jacquie - gosh you have so many beautiful areas to walk and ride, it's amazing! Your new bird table is so sweet and such a lovely thing for your family to do for you - I'm sure your Mother's Day was lovely! Joy xo

  20. Thank you SO much for taking us on a bike ride with you. I love your countryside and all of the animals and flowers that you have close by. What a beautiful place to live.

  21. Having a lovely catchup after being away for 3wks, beautiful pictures xo

  22. You take the most beautiful photos Jacquie. Thanks for sharing your bike ride.
    Anne xx

  23. That was a nice bit of fresh air - thanks Jo x

  24. Lovely post, we did not have the sun yesterday. ..but the back door is open to day. Yey...

  25. A lovely post and great pictures as always - your right being a Mummy is the best feeling in the world.

  26. Thank you so much for the lovely bike ride through the countryside. Very enjoyable and absolutely beautiful : ) : )

  27. That picture of the white horse with the sun shining and the mistiness about totally needs a unicorn horn photoshopped on it. It looks so magical! Haha.

  28. I do look forward to seeing your little adventures, being stuck in the house most of the time, they are just wonderful, I long to have a blue bike with a basket one day and more importantly being well enough to ride one. Loving the revamped bird table
    Clare xx


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