Thursday 10 December 2015

Daily December :: the 10th

Hello Lovelies,
I do love my walking group. They are a hardy bunch and we are certainly not fair weather walkers. The weekly walks go ahead whatever the weather. Today there were 21 of us walking through the Charnwood Forest

It was dull when we set off, though the  bare branched woods seemed quite light........

I love it's hilly :0).......

and rocky , quite different to the landscape where I live......

You get stone dry walls.........

 though they were anything but dry today :0)

and lots of bracken .........

 which you can view from beneath your polka dot brolly

Walking through a pretty village I loved the festive touches..........

And I suppose the damp conditions made for atmospheric shots.........

It's always lovely to get out, though today I was rather glad it was only a six mile walk....and I was happy to come home, dry out, turn on the fairy lights and add some more decorations to the tree........

Jacquie x


  1. Such a beautiful walk today Jacquie. Thank you for taking us along. 6 miles!!!! I can barely do one right now. I'm impressed. Love the little snowman too. :/)

  2. I stayed nice and dry during "our" walk. ;) Lovely even when wet. A dry one today but sadly no walking, worked on presents (sewing p.j.s and infinity scarfs) today. Hope tomorrow is a dry one!

  3. I love going for a walk in all weathers but always think there is something comforting about reaching home after a winter walk and switching on the lights and cozying up in front of a fire. xx

  4. You must be a seasoned walker now...6 miles ,you say it like it's nothing ha ha.
    Your photo's are very good. I liked the shot from beneath the brolly. It made me laugh.

  5. I do so love a winter walk, and it's so nice to come back to a warm cosy home afterwards. CJ xx

  6. Bravo to you, Jacquie, for braving the less than perfect weather for this very atmospheric walk. How lovely the landscape was in that wintry way. How wonderful it must have been to return to a cosy indoors place, with bright Christmas tree decorations...and perhaps even a cup of tea. xo

  7. These posts are just beautiful, I can never get enough of them. The British countryside is so beautiful


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