Wednesday 23 December 2015

Daily December :: the 23rd

Hello Lovelies,
This morning dawned bight and sunny. How I love a sunny winters day. Youngest and I headed out to do our Couch to 5k together..........

Nearing home my attention was drawn to the flock of busy sparrows chirruping in the hedgerow and I stopped to listen a while......

Back home the low winter sun was shining into our front room and I smiled at my ripple WIP already looking at home on the back of a chair........

The postman had been too. It's so nice to get pretty mail from friends. This beautiful card from my friend who has had a difficult year made me smile......inside she wrote " this looks like one of your photos, looking forward to more walks in 2016"..........

 It's a MUCH better Robin photo than I have ever taken but it was a kind comment....and I'm so glad she is in a better place now.

And look, a sweet card from Jones, with news too.........

 Thank you so much Jones. It's really adorable and so lovely to hear from you.

 With cards on my mantle and pretty flowers in the hearth how could I fail to feel happy........

And look....I have a new painting too..........

A beautiful watercolour, painted by mum, especially for me.

Isn't it the perfect winter scene, with bare trees, snow, a colourful sunset and a hazy moon.....

It's inspired by a lodge on the St Ives Estate in Bingley...somewhere we used to go when I was little. Mum tells me her friend always called it "the three bears cottage"...bless.
I cannot remember it myself but a little internet search found one of my favourite bloggers had posted about it a few years ago HERE :0)

Thank you so much Mum, I love it.
Jacquie x


  1. A delightful day! Love-love the painting! Playing with trains here today, and a spot of cleaning the messy porch while it's warm out but raining. Merry Christmas! <3

  2. Oh you are such a lucky girl to have such a talented and generous mother! I love that painting so much!
    *M*E*R*R*Y* * *C*H*R*I*S*T*M*A*S*!*
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. What a fantastic painting, your mum is very talented. I took my eldest for a run a couple of days ago and he made us stop to look at the house sparrows as well! CJ xx

  4. What a beautiful painting.
    Happy Christmas :)

  5. Couch to 5k is fantastic! I never ever thought I'd be able to run, but it got me there. It is great to be out in the fresh air. Wishing you a very happy Christmas.

  6. Your mum is so talented! That's a beautiful gift. Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas xx

  7. Jacquie, your Mom's beautiful painting looks grand by your hearth. May I send lots of Happy Christmas wishes to you and yours. I'm looking forward to visiting hereabouts in the New Year. xo


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