Saturday 5 December 2015

Daily December :: the 5th

Hello lovelies,
Thank you for your concern over my comments yesterday. I'm fine. I should not blog when I'm tired and worried. I wanted to blog to keep up with the daily blogs, but maybe I should have left it last night.

Anyway, today has been shall we chat a little about walking?
At the start of this year I decided to set myself the challenge of walking 1000 miles in the great outdoors. Inspired my this initiative in Country walking magazine.

You may remember I wrote down all my miles on my lovely Derbyshire Life calendar....

Through winter I kept a tally. Walks taken with the family........

Local walks by myself........

In spring the walking group headed to Derbyshire.........

and Mum and I headed "Home" to the moors outside Haworth........

where the miles were so beautiful, but maybe a little too emotional........

I do love to be on top of the world though.......

Even when I walk the same paths there is always something different to see, the changing seasons make me happy ...spring especially..........

This spring I could feel that our days of family walks are boys are growing more and more's the way things should be...but I hope they will still choose to walk with the Mr and me sometimes .......

 In July I actually chose to run along Suffolk's quiet, very flat lanes........

But in August the rugged  Cornish coast was perfect for seaside rambles with my sister in law......

In September hubby and I escaped to Derbyshire for an idyllic break in the peak district.........

And in October I did my first ever solo coastal walking along the stunning Yorkshire coast......

Today I added up how I'm fairing on the challenge, I'm still writing down all my mileage on my calendar.... and the current total is 947 miles. Wooo hoo, go me. 
53 miles still to go. I hope I can make it.

Lots of miles , so many smiles........

Thank you for sharing them with me
Jacquie x


  1. I think you have already made it ! 947 miles is fantastic ! Nice photo of you too.

  2. As I often say, beautiful walks and beautiful photo's thank you so much for sharing your world ☺

  3. Oh, My gosh, What an accomplishment!!! CONGRATULATIONS !! I have read most of your walking posts and envy the beauty and surroundings that you get to go walking in. So so charming and beautiful. thank you. .

  4. Oh, My gosh, What an accomplishment!!! CONGRATULATIONS !! I have read most of your walking posts and envy the beauty and surroundings that you get to go walking in. So so charming and beautiful. thank you. .

  5. What beautiful countryside, and such an impressive goal--1000 miles is amazing!

  6. I was wondering just the other day how you'd got on with your 1,000 miles challenge, you've done absolutely brilliantly. And how lovely to see those gorgeous green lanes, a little reminder of late spring and summer - just what I needed. Good luck with the last 53 miles, I have complete faith that you will make it. CJ xx

  7. That's brilliant- a few more walks and you'll be there. It's been lovely walking along with you.
    It's hard, too, doing a daily post. I rent doing this a couple of years ago, and found I resorted to a few picture only, no comments posts to keep going. xxx

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  9. That's such a great achievement, happy memories for you to look back on too x

  10. What a brilliant challenge - you have inspired me (a very lazy person) to walk more in 2016. Congratulations!

  11. wow that's a amazing achievement, as someone who used to love to walk but is now housebound I always love reading your walking post, I'm cheering you onto 1000.
    Clare xx

  12. Oh how fabulous! Congrats on the miles! Mine didn't come

  13. You'll do it! I really enjoyed your look back on all the walks you've done - but I do feel a bit of a couch potato in comparison...
    S :)

  14. You have done amazingly well with your challenge and I have loved coming along on your walks! thanks for sharing x

  15. you're doing amazing! im hoping to achieve 1000 miles next year, using my fitbit to help me so im counting all the tiny miles that build up over the course of the week! im 25 and still love nothing more than walking with my parents so you might be lucky

  16. I also love coming on your walks with you from the comfort of my sofa! I have been wondering how you are doing with your target. You have done brilliantly, I am sure you will manage to tick off those last 53 miles before the end of the year. I am currently enjoying your cosy Christmassy posts! Elaine x


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