Thursday 17 December 2015

Daily December :: the 17th

Hello Lovelies,
this morning the  dawn ( at 8am) was such a colourful affair........

Today was the last group walk of 2015. I was really looking forward to this outing....or maybe it was the treat at the end.

By the time we arrived at the start of the walk it was rather gloomy....but I still loved the patterns of the clouds and the silvery sky..........

After all the rain we have had recently it was a relief to walk at least some of the miles on a mud free surface........

And I loved the far reaching views despite the general greyness...........

Occasionally the sun would try to break through and I smiled at the winter sky. I always think clouds like this look a bit like mother of peal...a thought I shared with a couple of my walking companions....blank looks......oh, maybe that's just me then :0).........

I liked gazing over this view as we had morning coffee..........

 and it certainly wasn't fact it was ridiculously mild.

admittedly it was not the most photogenic of days. In winter shots into the light can make an atmospheric image ..........

otherwise I was happy just to walk, and chat and smile at amusing animals.......both real.......

and not :0)............

At the end of the walk we were heading here....I love the 19th century Gothic architecture of this hotel......

And inside  I really loved this cosy and beautiful space........

 Don't worry, we had changed out of our muddy walking boots before entering :0)

It's very impressive if you look up...........

The group all enjoyed finishing an enjoyable years walking, sitting in comfy chairs, looking at the real fire and a beautiful Christmas tree. While we relaxed with a well earned  drink, and a hot mince pie.........

Today's eight mile walk takes my total miles walked this year to 976...just 24 more miles and I will reach my 1000 mile goal....yay :0)

Jacquie x


  1. Wow! The sky in that first picture is absolutely gorgeous. And the hotel outside and inside is beautiful. I envy you having those things so close by that you can walk to. Congratulations on being so close to your goal!
    Blessings, Betsy

  2. Love that gorgeous sky.. and wow.. that hotel is aMAYzing! What a spectacular achievement.. 1000 miles! Woohoo! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. The sky is outstanding! I love all your pictures, they give me wish-I-were-there feeling.

  4. These clouds are not natural... it is chemtrails. I recommend reading about geoengineerging. Greetings from Poland :)

  5. What a lovely walk to end the year with your group, and the hotel at the end looks delightful as well. I see mother of pearl in the sky too, it's not just you! I shall look forward to seeing your last walks of the year, and the final 24 miles. Nearly there! CJ xx

  6. We have been having red mornings which have wowed the girls but that first picture is something else. Jo x

  7. What a wonderful end for the group walks! A gorgeous hotel! I posted a sunrise photo very similar this Have a great day and get out there and walk! ; ) I know you can do it.

  8. Oh Jacquie! I so love the pictures from your beautiful country! I see the mother of pearl skies very clearly :) I'm certain you will meet your walking goal this year and I congratulate you! Wishing you and your family a very merry Christmas from Sunny Florida!

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  10. I love the owl with the Christmas hat! Too cute! Congratulations on tour walking goal, that really is amazing! I know that you will exceed it by the end of the year! Happy Christmas! xx


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