Saturday 12 December 2015

Daily December :: the 11th and 12th

Hello Lovelies,
Ooops, no post yesterday.
 A busy day at work was followed by a quiet meal with friends. "The mums" as I call them, are friends from when my twins were born. We all met in the health centre for Wednesday morning lessons with the health visitor. Then, when the course was over, we spent the next three years going around to each others houses on  Wednesday mornings. Sharing our parenting journey and watching our children play together.

It's always lovely to catch up , though on this occasion the evening was full of tales of serious health issues, car accidents and worrying teenage behaviour. I made me rather sad.... and those busy but simple  baby days seem a lifetime ago.

This morning I got up and opened a parcel I didn't have the chance to look at yesterday.

My first ever dancing shoes. Hubby and I have been going to Ballroom and Latin lessons since September ( we are still BAD...but I live in hope :0).
I've been managing in ballet pumps, but I've finally decided to see how I go with a little heel............

No sparkles ( so I can wear them for other occasions if they are not comfy to dance in)

Look they are made in England...that makes me happy..........

I spent the morning indoors, well the weather was wet. Lots of Christmas decorating and tidying was needed. My first Hyacinth bulbs of the season are flowering...and smelling wonderful.......

This afternoon I needed to go shopping. It was not raining but still such a dull day...." the dark days before Christmas" as a late family member always used to call them..........I always think of her on days like this.........

I wondered at myself, stopping the car on not one but two occasions to take in the view and take a photo. Was it just to have something to share here? No, that was part of it, but I also needed those short bursts of fresh air,  those moments to gaze at the landscape........

 Even on a dreary day it calls to me.

This evening I've enjoyed being surrounded by family and colourful lights........

Looking at the fresh green shoots on my Amaryllis..........

Hoping my friends have good times ahead, and counting my blessings.
Jacquie x


  1. Dear Jacquie, I just love your new dancing shoes.. I hope they work well for you. I adored your lit up home.. made me feel happy. I decorated more today and wrapped some gifts and made some crafty pressies. A good day.

    *M*E*R*R*Y* * *C*H*R*I*S*T*M*A*S*!*

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Oh you are really going to take off in those shoes 😀😀 catching up with friends and rough times really helps us along ☺

  3. Fantastic dancing shoes, that "Made In England" always makes me really happy as well. It's harder and harder to find these days. I like those blissful moments of looking out at a natural landscape too, good for the soul I think. Hugs, CJ xx

  4. A rare find Made in England, but always makes me happy too. Beautiful landscape pictures.

  5. It totally resonated the need to stop the car and soak up the fresh air and scenery. Blissful, quiet alone moments. Just enough to rejuvenate. X

  6. What beautiful photos of the landscape, i'd love to drive past that everyday. And I agree babies turn into teenagers too fast (I have one of each and i'm not sure which age is any easier)

  7. Jacquie, it was interesting to see how many topics you meshed in this post. Yes, Christmastime has many facets. I can easily understand why you would wish to stop and take a look at the dark landscape, and also enjoy new dancing school, blooming bulbs and pretty lights. Best wishes. xo

  8. Yay for dancing shoes, have fun
    Clare xx

  9. I'm still in touch with one of "the Mums" from when big daughter was born, and she's become part of my "Mummy Network" as her daughter is at the same school as mine - you know, those people whose number you have in your phone for those times when you're really really stuck and it's picking-up time. Where would we be without them? :-) xx

  10. Loving your dancing shoes! :-) xxx

  11. Love the shoes! Good luck with future lessons!


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