Thursday 3 December 2015

Daily December :: the 3rd

Hello Lovelies,
today on my daily blog post shall we talk fireplaces?
This one has been here since before we bought our home in the 90's. It's not really my taste but it's not awful either. Having had a new boiler this year it's now just an empty hearth. Kind of sad, but also kind of fun to display things in.

This was how it looked last month, I've shared it here before so I'm sure it looks familiar........

Eldest did a great job of plastering and painting the back wall during his half term break, but as you can see it's got a couple of features I prefer to hide. An ugly plastic grille and a couple of missing tiles...........

I've been hiding the missing tiles with piles of country living magazines up till now, then on Wednesday I was in TK max and saw a lovely mirrored tray.....oooh that could look nice in my hearth....but it was rather pricey.

Not feeling too hopeful I decided to look in the charity shop across the road from the object of my inspiration. I rooted about in the faded prints , the hay wain, van Goghs sunflowers...all gone various shades of blue and grey and looking sad in thin, flimsy frames. Then I spotted an odd little mirror. It was a bit smaller than I would have liked, but for £3 I though it was worth a try. I brought it home, hoping it would cover the ugly gap in my tiles.

And it did :0).......

I like the way it reflects the lights and the shiny stuff.

I changed the picture to mum's painting of a snowy Robin, which I love....and added more cheap, battery fairy lights ( such great things) ........

all the lights here are battery LED's.... the candle flickers too....pretty and easy and safe.

So it's a bit of a half Autumn, half Winter scene here right now, but that's OK I think. Well it makes me happy.

 Night Night Lovelies
Jacquie x


  1. what a great idea....the mirror. Sometimes I think things that are not permanent are best cos then they can be tweaked when we feel a bit of a change coming on.

  2. It all looks lovely.
    Clare x

  3. It looks absolutely gorgeous Jacquie. x

  4. Lovely Jacquie! The candles add a great look too instead of a fire and the mirror will reflect the light well. xx

  5. Jacquie, usually I am writing you a comment about how much I loved your allowing us to go along with you on long country walks. Well. This time, it's grand to see how you've got some very cosy, seasonal round your hearth.

    Back in the 1970s I lived in an 1840s house that the owner had lovingly and tastefully renovated. The living room had a working fireplace and the bedroom have the original, but no longer functioning, fireplace. I have never again lived in such an atmospheric place. Oh, there were a beautiful garden just outside the kitchen door, too.


  6. I love how fairy lights and candles can bring such charm and joy. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  7. Wonderful idea! It's beautiful.

  8. This is fabulous Jacqui ☺☺ so beautiful ♥

  9. You've created a beautiful atmosphere in your home. I love your mum's robin painting!

  10. that's a lovely idea with the mirror - could also look great on a table setting to reflect lots of light. Betty

  11. I love Chinese Lanterns, I just wish I could grow them!
    Julie xxxx

  12. Your fireplace looks really cosy! I had a horrid fancy one for years & saved up to get a lovely plain wooden mantelpiece- so much better. Yours is a lovely place to display your pretty things

  13. It looks wonderful! I love finding inspiration and making it happen cheaper. ; ) Love the fairy lights in the lantern, just recently posted a photo of my version of fairy light/lantern.Have a great weekend!x

  14. Clever and a perfect display! X

  15. I love your battery lights. I wish I could find something the same where I live.
    Your little fireplace is just lovely for displaying stuff. It's about the right size for my family's idea of Christmas decorating.
    Your mum's picture is so sweet. She is so talented.

  16. I think it turned out just beautiful, the mirrored tray was a good idea to cover the tiles, and the lights/candles do glow nicely off of it.

  17. Your fireplace is so attractive now you've done it up to hide the flaws with such taste and style. Being a single chap living on my own, I don't have the creativity or inclination to decorate areas with nick nacks, but I do appreciate a homely scene like this. I bet you can adapt the display to different themes too.

    Wilfred Andrews @ LB Plumbing and Heating


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