Saturday 25 October 2014

Familiar Footpaths

Hello Lovelies,
how I love a midweek day off. After a couple of hectic days at work it's such a treat to have some quiet time to myself. 

Waking to sunshine on Wednesday, I couldn't wait to get outdoors as soon as the boys had gone to school.

I thought about trying to find a different route, but there's always something new to see on familiar paths.

A highland cattle calf, growing his shaggy coat before winter.........

A Ram visiting the local Ewes................

I'll be on the look out for some spring lambs here in March.

Ploughed fields and the bare branches of trees on show once again...........

where you can spot a Buzzard waiting for his prey...............

the rolling hills of this rippled landscape, highlighted by the morning mist.........

I felt happy as wandered along this quiet track enjoying the sunshine...........

and said hello to these little brown sheep, with their sweet white faces............

the older ones were enjoying a lie in.............

I love the way this footpath has a door to go through here..........

as it passes close by a few houses..........

 between gardens where wagtails watch from the chimneys..........

then it opens out into a quiet, hidden valley............

The grass is wet and I'm happy that I finally got myself some waterproof footwear...........

This is the first pair of walking boots I've ever owned !  I don't usually get on with boots at all. But I'm happy to say these haven't given me blisters and I do like the ankle support on uneven ground......not to mention dry feet!

I walk along the edge of this field, down to the brook...........

then across the little bridge.............

It's so good to get out in the fresh, crisp Autumn  air............

As Annette so perfectly puts it in THIS lovely post "taking a walk is an investment in life, health and peace of mind."

After a brisk, sweat inducing climb, I stop to pick up a pine cone and pop it in my pocket..........

The recent windy weather has led to many bare branches...........

 leaves on the ground look  lovely, illuminated by the sunshine..........

I'm walking through a small village now and the splashes of red are stunning...........

Then it's back out into the countryside......walking back towards home......up and down those ripples.............

in this field I'm happy to see some friendly horses ( safely behind a little wire fence)..............

Hello beautiful.............

I grew up with horses and the smell of their sweet breath and the velvet softness of their muzzle is so nostalgic.

Nearly home now, I thought this gate looked wonderful next to the huge oak tree..........

As I walked along it occurred to me that I've lived here for eighteen years this month. Longer than I've ever lived anywhere else..........

It's a great place to raise a family.

Once again, spending a couple of hours out with nature, noticing seasonal changes and enjoying the peace was just the tonic I needed.
I feel blessed.
Jacquie x


  1. Hi Jacquie
    Thank you for taking me with you on your walk. You have such beautiful and interesting surroundings and the way you put your words to it makes it even more special. I know you are a big fan of walking as well as running. I so wish I could develop a love for running. I have tried so many times but somehow it is just not my thing. But walking, absolutely. Like honey for the soul. Thank you for quoting and linking. The more people we can inspire to walk the better. And those shoes... Looks really comfy. I will have to look into those at my local sports shop. Mine are so bulky and hard.
    Thanks for popping in to my place today.

  2. What a lovely walk you have nearby. We're hoping to take the girls for a half term nature walk this week. Hopefully it is a lovely as yours

  3. Hmmmm...I enjoyed my "armchair walk" with you, Jacquie :) Not the cardio-vascular workout you benefited from, but at least I went swimming for a bit yesterday [I type defensively] and I absorbed some of your peace and blessing from your lovely post. It interests and pleases me that though we are across the pond from each other our countryside often looks so similar.

    I just finished knitting a bunny with alpaca yarn for my grandson and posted a photo of it if you want to take a peek. It was my first project using alpaca fiber, and I am very smitten with the way it looks and feels rather like bunny fur.

    While on my travels recently I tried sketching some of the scenes around me on three days and thought of you as I did so. I am having fun experimenting with water color pencils and woodless colored pencils. Then this afternoon I am meeting with some gals at church to experiment with some artful worship ideas. I just painted my journal of watercolor paper with gesso and need to go use the hairdryer to get it dry before it is time to go :)

    Hoping your weekend is delightful!!! xx

  4. Blessed indeed! A lovely autumn walk, thanks for sharing it. I've had one too today, with the hubby nothing quite like a walk in autumn, kicking up leaves like a kid lol and the sky, what a gorgeous color to the sky this time of year. Enjoy!

  5. I thoroughly enjoyed walking along with you.. makes me want to get out in the countryside! I love a blogger's photographic eye.. you have a good one! We're heading off to the beach for a week in our caravan.. it's predicted to be rainy.. but we'll be cozy in our little rolling home. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. Beautiful. I absolutely love that village house with the splashes of red creeper. Lucky you, growing up with horses. I would have LOVED a pony when I was little. You're right about how good a walk is for the soul, I've read something similar somewhere and I always, always feel more positive and happier after a walk (or bike ride) in the country. Thanks for taking me along with you. CJ xx

  7. Thanks so much for taking me along for a walk with you! What a beautiful place you live!

  8. Such a beautiful walk, I enjoyed it immensely.
    Anne xx

  9. I do love your walks and all of your pictures, I am blessed after my young boys wedding xo

  10. Lucky you having such beautiful areas to walk through! Thank you for taking me along Pat :)

  11. I get lots of silent visitors from Bunny Mummy that pop into my blog! I guess lots of people just like to blog hop!
    I especially enjoyed your photo of the chimney above with two little blue tits perched up there!
    Wishing you a lovely Sunday! Sandra

  12. Breathtakingly beautiful, autumn shades and blue skies, the perfect combination! :) xxx

  13. I always enjoy the scenery on your walks Jacquie, thank you so much for sharing! That's three walks I've had today! I love Highland Cattle too, so your calf was a real treat for me, thank you! xoJoy

  14. That looks like a great walk! I love all the sheep you showed us, they're just too cute! : )

  15. Just lovely..your surrounds remind me so much of my own, even though we are across the world (upstate NY). I couldn't agree more with you on how much walking is good for your soul. It's a wonderful thing to live with so much open air and nature all around. Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos! :)

  16. What a wonderful walk and beautiful pictures Jacquie. I'm glad you get to do this walks to re-energize.

  17. And blessed you certainly are!!! Such lovely countryside to enjoy and being out in the open air is certainly food for the soul!!!! Have a happy week!!!


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