Thursday 2 October 2014

Yarndale and Yorkshire :: Part 2

Hello lovelies,
Thank you for all your kind comments on my first Yarndale post.

After walking through the park, with all it's colourful lamp posts and yarny bikes, we arrived at the first of the bunting......yay, it was lovely to see it still looking so wonderful again one year on.........

It looked great strung between trees

and even better hanging on dry stone walls...........

in rainbow solids...........

and happy multicolours............

 have you noticed anything different about the bunting this year? 

Soon we were at the top of the hill looking down on the auction mart.....all those green roofs nestled in the trees..........

It looked busy, with lots of cars and a row of mini buses. I love the one red bus and the one orange tree in this photo.

At this point we realised this was probably not the easiest route for Jones's family....but her hubby did a great job of gently bouncing their pushchair down the wide steps, and  baby Jones....the cutest eight month old boy...... giggled that wonderful baby laugh all the way down.......

We were getting closer now and I was happy to see the wonderful lettered bunting that quite a few clever people sent Lucy last year (and once again  I wished I that thought to do the same )..........

The path down is surrounded by fields of sheep and beautiful views...........

Yay, I was looking for this bunting..........

How I love it.....( remember I even included it in my drawing of the first Yarndale HERE)

Our little group was organised  and we had all brought a picnic. So we sat under under this crochet bunting and the crochet balls, and enjoyed a sociable half an hour, chatting and eating in this lovely spot...........

Baby Jones was so good, and he just loved looking up at the colourful bunting. Just as we stood up to leave I turned around and saw my bunny triangle..........

Jones kindly took this photo of me , I do look happy don't I............

Inside the Auction mart the mass bunting display was just as wonderful as I remembered it.......

and just as hard to take a decent photo of.

Worked out what's different yet?

well all the five thousand and something triangles have been crocheted together into strings, rather than just threaded onto tape like they were last year......don't they look wonderful.

We had to smile when we saw this lady in her granny square trousers.........

don't they look fab.

And look at these egg cosies.........

In the main body of the auction mart there were so many stalls selling all things yarny............

Love that owl.

It was not just crochet. This lady was "rug hooking".............

I just loved the wonderful yarny pictures this technique produced, which were framed or made into cushions...........

You can see more at their website HERE

Another pretty thing that caught my eye was this printers tray full of colourful yarn and little bits of was on the Skein Queen stand.............

Spot the tiny owl?

This was another yummy display on a stand full of all things felt............

We all loved the sweet jars full of felt balls.............

 sorry I can't remember what company this was.

Yarndale felt much less crowded this year. I think it was just as busy, but better arranged. It felt less cramped and better spaced out.

It was lovely to see the sheep again............

And we had to smile at this stall...............

this was the sign on the outside :0).........

Happily some other alpacas were able to attend..........

They were in a quiet corner near some open doors so they could get some cool air...........

and we could glimpse the gorgeous view and a Yarndale double decker bus.

After we had admired this knitted cow it was time to head into the Knit n Natter lounge........

Where there were pretty mandalas to admire..............

and Lucy's latest blanket to swoon over...............

Isn't it gorgeous..........I love the hands stroking it in this photo. Ripples are so soft and drapey aren't they.

These beauties were on the Wool Warehouse stand, where you could buy Lucy's yarn packs to make them...............

And here's the lovely lady herself............

admiring those crochet trousers.

and signing their owners back!............

She's our own crochet super star :0)
and you couldn't wish to meet a nicer person.

While chatting with Lucy she told us that all the bunting triangles had been crocheted together by ONE PERSON! It had taken her from January until now to  complete....what an achievement.

I am in awe of Lucy's power to inspire and engage people.....and all her hard work.

 I did love seeing a lovely version of my owl on this ladies belt.........

It was huge and I loved it's floppy ear tufts and flappy had real personality.

Above our heads whilst we chatted were the gorgeous starflower mandalas Lucy made and crocheted into hola hoops....such a clever idea. Lucy's are the three you can see around the edge, the big centre one is by Hannapat of Cosmos and Cotton

Mine's there too,  I only sent it to the attic the week before last. Lucy managed to squeeze in the time to crochet it onto the hoop somehow....bless her.

I really loved this one by Hannapat, hanging in the doorway to the Knit n Natter lounge.....gently twirling away.........

Free Pattern HERE

And in this photo you can see the view from that the Mandala Wheels for Yarndale.....

Were you wondering about those? Yes here they are in all their multicoloured glory. Arn't they something to behold............

Lucy attached them to this raised walkway and they stretched the whole width of the auction mart..........

If I'm totally honest at the time I thought the busy background detracted from their impact, but looking at these photos I think they do look wonderful against the grey metal in this functional, almost industrial setting............

The pinks really pop don't they.

We wandered under the mandalas into the workshop area,
Here there was lots of concentration while these ladies tried to master Latvian knitting....

The results look amazing once you have learnt.

This was tab rug making...........

it looked a lot easier to master and great fun.

This was the other end of the mandala display............

and here Jones found her pretty pink, white and blue mandala surrounded by other beauties..........

So many lovely creations generously donated by  creative people from around the world..........

They certainly added to the Yarndale magic.

And for me the day was even more enjoyable than last year as I had such lovely company to spent it with. Thank you for sharing the day with me Jo and Jones.

Jacquie x


  1. I AM IN ONE OF YOUR PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Fame at last!!!!! (I was rag rugging and you can see the back of my head, and my friend next to me, kind of round the corner, at the table next to the latvian knitters)
    A great post, and thanks for sharing, it was a fabulous weekend x

  2. Thnaks again to share ....! the colors everywhere !! so gorgeous !!!

  3. It was great wasn't it. Lovely photos. X

  4. I love your photos, Jacquie, and I'm really enjoying reading other people's Yarndale blog posts to see what I missed when I was there! There was so much to see, it's easy to understand how you could be looking at something on one side of you and not notice something on the other side - even when you walked around it all several times, as I did! Looking forward to next year! xx

  5. Wow! I am so jealous! We need a Yarndale here in the New York metro area! Thank you so much for posting these pictures. I want to go next year!

  6. It looks so good, lots of other things going on there too! I really must go to the next one.

  7. It´s lovely to read your impressions and to see your photos!
    I´d love to be there someday... :)

  8. I enjoyed this post a lot! The rug hooking looks really interesting, and that Latvian knitting - wow. It must've been so impressive to see all those mandalas together, the WORK that went into the organization is incredible!

  9. Thank you for showing us Yarndale Jacquie! it would be fun to go along one day. X

  10. It all looks marvelous!!! I FINALLY spotted one of my (15) bunting triangles I sent in last year! YaY! (in the second over head shot) After looking at everyone's photos last year I had gave of hope of seeing any, and like last year I've not spotted my mandala yet either.:( Bravo to the lady who crocheted them all together! Thanks so much for all the photos, for us across the pond that my never get to see any of it in person. I love the crochet clocks, the printer tray,(may have to try a smaller version myself) the owl of course, and definitely the hooped star flowers and all the mandalas! Looks like you had a grand time! Thanks again for sharing! xxx

  11. Thank you so much for sharing your photos. I think I saw my mandala in one of your photos and I was thrilled to see it on display. I made it from your petals and puffs free pattern.

  12. Thank you for the pothos , my mandala is there too ! You met Lucy and spent a wonderful day !

  13. Thank you so much for TAKING a million photos!
    And for sharing them!
    Definitely worthwhile! How lovely it all looks!
    Ingrid xx

  14. Your post is brill, lots of pictures, and it feels like you had a really good time, I have never seen so much crochet bunting... I would love to get there, maybe next year.... Love the pictures!

  15. I'm super-envious! I'd love to go but family commitments do not allow :( Thankyou so much for sharing your photos, you must have spent aaaaages on your post!

  16. Another fabulous capture of the day! Love how you managed to park yourself near your bunny triangle unaware...and you do indeed look happy. Overall, I think I may be most taken with the lampposts and bicycles, although EVERYthing is gorgeous. The hula hoop mandelas are brilliant. Thanks again for sharing your delightful experience.

    Sharon in Alabama

  17. Looks like a wonderful day, wow all that yarny goodness and colour a real feast for the eyes.
    Clare x

  18. What a splendid day! Thanks so much for sharing it with those of us who could only be there in spirit!!!!
    xo Kris

  19. Great photos , thanks for sharing , I made a flying visit ion the Sunday and forgot about the crocheted hula hoops, how could I have missed them , great to see them on here , wasn't lucy lovely

  20. So lovely to see your pictures and read your account of a great day! xx

  21. I enjoyed your virtual tour of Yarndale. Thanks for sharing. You look so happy in the photo. :) Hopefully I will get the chance to say hello again next year. x

  22. Oh thank you! I saw my mandala on the last picture!! Is the last one red white and green like our flag!

  23. Reading your posts is almost as good as being there. Those mandalas look spectacular set out all together. I'm glad you had such a good time. Were there any little purchases..? CJ xx

  24. It looks like it was just the most amazing event. I love your contributions to it.
    So glad you had fun,

  25. These pictures are a joy to the eye, so many lovely items and colours all around...

  26. I've thoroughly enjoyed strolling through Yarndale with you, as it is just a wee tad too far to travel from Australia to visit in person. You've really captured the feeling of it all really well. I can't believe you found your bunny bunting triangle among them all.

  27. Thanks for sharing all the photos for us poor people who could not attend. It all looks like such glorious fun and full of happy inspiration and positive vibes. I'm glad you had such fun.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  28. A beautiful and inspiring post with gorgeous photos of colourful yarny things. I almost feel like I was there. Thanks for sharing.
    Anne xx

  29. You managed to get some really good photos of it all. It was very enjopyable being there.

  30. Wonderful conclusion to your first Yarndale post. I really will try and come up for next year. So much gorgeous colour, all in one place :)

  31. I didn't make it again....maybe next year.
    It looks fab!

  32. Thanks so much for sharing your Yarndale pictures. Oh, how I wish I could have been there, and that we had something like that locally I could attend. I especially love the Yarndale mandala with the little sheep on it. Adorable!! :)

  33. Thanks a mil for sharing ... what a wonderful event! Pat xx

  34. Beautiful photos of a magical event!

  35. Thank you for letting us join Yarndale through your pictures! It looks like an amazing event! I soo need to travel to the UK for Yarndale sometime in the next years!!! The Manadala Wall is truely amazing!!

    Take care

    P.S. Michelle and I are having a big yarn-y give-away for our blog's birthday right now... :-)

  36. Wasn't it amazing! Wish I'd bumped into you for a quick hug x

  37. Great to read and look at the pics!!
    Greetings from Marijke

  38. For those of us unable to visit it is wonderful to see Yarndale and all the colourful creations. The huge display of mandalas look amazing. Sarah x

  39. No sooner had I written the comment on your first post, the Little Man woke up! So here I am back for the second instalment. Thank you for all the lovely words about my little boy :) The Bert was delighted to make it into one of your pictures! I still can't believe we were sat under your bunting for the duration of lunch but only spotted it as we were getting up to go. Good job we did! Your photos have come out brilliantly, of the bunting, the stalls and all the mandalas. I think you're right - seeing them again in the pictures, they do look rather good against the grey.
    Looking forward to part 3...
    Jones x

  40. No sooner had I written the comment on your first post, the Little Man woke up! So here I am back for the second instalment. Thank you for all the lovely words about my little boy :) The Bert was delighted to make it into one of your pictures! I still can't believe we were sat under your bunting for the duration of lunch but only spotted it as we were getting up to go. Good job we did! Your photos have come out brilliantly, of the bunting, the stalls and all the mandalas. I think you're right - seeing them again in the pictures, they do look rather good against the grey.
    Looking forward to part 3...
    Jones x

  41. An excellent event.
    Greetings from Finland


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