Wednesday 29 October 2014

Tuesday Moments

Hello Lovelies,
oh I'm so enjoying this at home week. There's a lovely relaxed atmosphere and time to photograph the simple things we are enjoying.

Yesterday morning we woke early, to sunshine. I left the boys in their P.J.'s and went for a little run.
Past the post box, and the sunrise caught my eye........

I had to stop and climb the stile, into the sunlit field..............

The whole space was bathed in a beautiful light and the grass glistened with dew.........

I blinked and stretched and really felt awake...........

It's uncommonly mild here for the time of year and I didn't feel even slightly chilly in my running vest at 7.45am............

Carrying on I noticed loads of berries in the Hawthorn hedges.........

and the suns rays just beginning to reach the allotments ..........

along the roadside I was amazed by the masses of Holly berries............

and loved the russet tones of these leaves.............

I am really enjoying Autumn so far and don't feel at all sad about the passing of Summer.
It's nice to see small reminders of those special seaside days though ...........this is on the bathroom windowsill........

A little hut on driftwood ....made in Charmouth, that I bought with some of my birthday money. And shells from Llanbedrog beach.

We were so fortunate to have two wonderful coastal holidays this year.

There's a sort of coastal theme on the landing too.....I've been having a change round and hanging more pictures.

 Mum kindly framed one of youngest's primary school paintings for me....I LOVE his cheerful fish picture and I'm loving orange at the moment ...........

the seaside flower print came from a charity shop in Criccieth and it too has a gorgeous pop of orange.

Back downstairs I decided to try this bread mix in the bread maker..........

Very cheaty home made bread :0)

Then we all went out on bikes once again. This time we headed for the garden centre in search of a birthday present for the boys Nanna ( my mum in law).
She's a keen gardener and somehow eldest managed to carry a new border fork, that  he chose for her, home on his bike....strapped to the frame.

I was tempted by so many things there..........some days nothing seems nice, others almost everything is a wanty.

On this occasion I could have bought loads, but I resisted everything except these wonderful Chinese lanterns..............

They are just to Autumny, and Orange :0)

Back home the bread maker had finished and the house smelled wonderful........

We all enjoyed this warm with some home made Leek and Potato soup that  I had in the freezer.

After lunch I enjoyed arranging my orange blooms in a vase...........

They are just silk, but my not adverse to silk flowers occasionally.............

and they make me smile..............

Tidying the mantle I remembered this little knitted witch I bought at a local craft fair last year. It was nice to search her out again, and add a very un-scary Halloween touch to the display.............

This week has been wonderful for slowing down and showing our home some love. I changed some of the blankets around too............

so nice to see my kaleidoscope blanket again.

And finally, there was time for some crochet.

Thank you lovelies for all your replies  to my border question. I'm still undecided, but in the mean time I'll just keep making circles...........

Yesterday I made the running total is now 184....getting there :0)
Jacquie x


  1. That autumn light is wonderful isn't it, you've captured it so beautifully. And how neat those allotments look, all ready for winter. The fish picture is wonderful isn't it, it's like looking down into the water and seeing the bottom. That's a good pile of circles, you'll be done in no time. CJ xx

  2. Well now I don't know if you deserve a medal for going out in a running vest or being out running at 7.45am during half term! Well worth it though to see such lovely vibrant colours. I tried that bread mix at the weekend but it didn't look as good as yours - mine was more of a flat bread - whoops! Lovely photos Jacquie - particularly the one of the allotments - I wonder why ... ;) Enjoy the rest of the half term x Jane

  3. It was a pleasure to read you this morning and I so enjoyed all the lovely photos. ^^

  4. Thanks again for some very lovely photo's, and your bread looks so yummy, enjoy!x

  5. Looks like you are making the most of half term, lovely and a double reward for the early morning run.(Something I cannot do, never could. Hiking is more my speed, I love hiking through the woods.) A wonderful change up for the season. I noticed some silk lanterns over the weekend, hmmm, may have to go back for them after seeing how lovely yours look. The bread looks yummy, bread machines are great aren't they?! I even do cakes in mine. A rainy day here today, so maybe I can work in some hooky time. ; )

  6. It sounds like you had another lovely day yesterday I'm really enjoying reading about your half term at home.
    Jackie x

  7. I'm loving autumn too - so far. We also have loads of holly berries in our hedge. I suppose the birds will eat most of them before Christmas! You had such a lovely day yesterday. We woke to torrential rain and pretty high winds though the temperature was 15C (at 6:30 a.m.). There was no sunrise to speak of as the sky just changed from being black to being not quite so black. Today was so different. At 6:30 a.m. it was 1C, calm and clear with the fields sparkling white with frost. There was also a beautiful sunrise to watch on the journey into work.

  8. It all looks lovely!!
    xo Kris

  9. It sounds as though you are having a lovely time during your time at home. Busy too! Love the bike, I have a similar one but don't get to ride it much. Enjoy your time at home.

  10. Such beautiful pics, and well done you for being up and running so early in the day :-) What caught my eye though is the fabulous crocheted saddle on your bike - that's so fun! Apparently we're in for some very unseasonally mild weather tomorrow & Friday too, so enjoy!

  11. Hello Jacquie! What a lovely post! Really enjoy your photo journey and seeing those pretty crochet circles in the making is wonderful!
    Wishing you a good week!
    Ingrid xx

  12. Orange really is the colour of the season glad you are enjoying half term, the little witch so cute talented artists seem to run in the family, loving the fish picture
    Clare xx

  13. Always great to check in. Thanks for looking at my hat - I do love it. Jo x

  14. Great photos, your run is more picturesque than mine... mine is all urban suburbia!! Loving the crochet x

  15. A lovely visit here today and so enjoyed all the colours and do like the hawthorn bushes and holly berries ☺☺

  16. Your world is beautiful.. loved your morning photos.. I'm not a morning person, so I rarely get to see the sun shining at that slant. Good job on your crochet circles, growing so tall! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  17. I love your sons goldfish picture, it looks really great framed up like that. I like silk flowers occasionally too, especially the sort that you cannot get flowers of like your Chinese lanterns. xx


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