Sunday 26 October 2014

Weekend Moments

Hello Lovelies,
yesterday was sunny and breezy, perfect drying weather. It was great to get all the boys uniform washed, dried and put way for a week....we are really looking forward to the half term.

 Nothing planned.....just a week to relax and have fun ...yay :0)

Also yesterday, Mr BM surprised me by bringing home some house plants...three differently coloured Cyclamen....this hot pink is my favourite...........

 Just hope I don't kill them too track record with these beauties is not great.

Today I managed to photograph some paintings mum brought round  to show me........

They are of Bonsall and were painted in the late 90's and early 2000's , when she visited the area regularly with a painting group.

It's the village in Derbyshire we visited together the other week HERE

I like this one...........

Really like this one............

Love this one...........

But this one is my most favourite.........

 It's such a gorgeous image of a pretty village on a sunny spring day.....wonderful.

This afternoon the weather was cool and cloudy...........

I sat upstairs where the light was reasonable and enjoyed some crochet.

All too soon it was getting dark. The clocks going back yesterday means this was the scene at 5pm...........

 At least there was a pretty sunset.

Right now I'm sat here.........

I finally managed to find a magnetic memo board I could cover and hang over my desk to display some of my favourite small pictures and postcards..........

You might remember I was inspired by Lucy's when I visited her studio on Yarndale weekend.

It's not easy to photograph in this dark corner, but I'm thrilled with this colourful makeover. Mine came from my local  Home Bargains ( for £3.99). It originally looked like this.....pretty enough, but this design was too busy and it just looked messy with parts of the wording covered up and the large flowers getting jumbled with the things I was trying to display.
It's wooden frame made it super easy to staple some fabric from my stash over the board. It came with the heart shaped magnets and I really like them.

My corner is looking much more cheerful.....just what I need for these dark evenings.
Jacquie x


  1. Your mom's artwork takes my breath away - stunning.Happy half term.

  2. Nothing beats a good washing drying day!! Your Mum is an amazing artist x

  3. Lovely memo board, how nice to have your own little area with your pretty things displayed. The paintings are wonderful, your mum is very talented. I had a really pretty pale pink cyclamen last year that flowered for months and months and months, you have just reminded me about it. I think I shall look for another one this year, it was certainly value for money. I hope you have a lovely half term. CJ xx

  4. You obviously get your artistic talents from your Mum, her paintings are beautiful :) Love your memo board, really lovely.
    Such a shock it being dark at 5pm today!

  5. Hi Jacqui, I once rescued a dead looking cyclamen in a classroom I was to work in on my second ever teaching post. It was sad and had been thrown in the sink. I read about it in my gardening books and it recommends to water them little but often from the bottom not in the top as that makes the corm thingy go mouldy. Mine came up a treat. Hope that helps. Good weather here too. Jo x

  6. Your moms paintings are beautiful! I love the angles she chose. Your memory board is very cute and I remember Lucys´as well. Great idea.

    Enjoy half term.
    Birgitta xx

  7. Lovely and do love your cyclamen, I had one last a few years, it sat inside at a window.
    Nice artwork too, pretty pictures you mum is very clever ♥

  8. Gorgeous artwork by your Mum. You are so lucky to have such a talented Mum. Artistic talent definitely is not congenital in our family and we've grown up with my Mum's generic animals where all four legged beasts looking remarkably similar!

    I love your little nook and obviously you've had better weather than us today. We've have really strong winds and torrential rain so any washing would have ended up in the next county! Enjoy your week.

  9. Thanks for sharing some more of your mum's beautiful artwork, Jacquie! It makes me want to grab my pencils and paints and practice, practice, practice :) In my art group on Sat. we worked on a mixed media piece on watercolor paper, painted with gesso, then journaling some thoughts, covering the surface with a thin acrylic coat then gluing on scraps of paper...a rather pretty mess so far :)
    Your bulletin board cover is better than the one it came with and I loved seeing that both you and Lucy had one of Janet Bell's cards on your boards! I have had a horrible time not being stingy with her cards I bought and still have four left. I love her work!
    Your tree-sky photos are beautiful!!
    I wish you and your cyclamen well. While I failed to help mine thrive I will try to follow Jo's advice if I get another. Last year I got a Christmas cactus which is seasonally confused and is in full bloom now...probably because I watered it too much too soon, but it is lovely.
    Hope you and yours have a happy week! xx

  10. Your Mum's artwork is so pretty. I can't draw a stick figure so I always love seeing how much talent others have. I would love to just walk right I to one of those paintings. Your magnet board is so cheery and happy. It would be a great place to sit and do some irk.

  11. Thoroughly enjoyed todays post. So many different and beautiful things you shared with us. I follow you regularly and always enjoy. Blessings.

  12. Your evenings are really closing in quite speedily now! That sunset was just divine.
    Your mum's a very talented lady - those water colours are just exquisite. :)
    Enjoy your corner. As long as you don't suffer eye strain, then the light should be adequate.

  13. I'd forgotten it was half term this week. Love your Mum's watercolours and you've made your little corner very cheery with that notice board.
    Jacqui x

  14. You have a very talented Mum her art work is exquisite.

  15. WOW!!! Can see where your love for painting comes from!!!! Your Mom is so amazingly talented!!! I love every single picture!!! Really stunning!!!! Hope you have a wonderful mid term break!!!!

  16. Wow! those paintings are gorgeous.
    Julie xxxxxxx

  17. Love those paintings, they sort of have a 40s/50s vibe about them! Your mum is very talented. Also love your memo board great way to liven up your little corner.

  18. hello Jaquie
    like all the other comments I love your moms paintings (all of them) great what you did with the memory board and for the cyclamen follow what Jo said about it because that is the way they want to be treated.Greatings from Ria

  19. Hi Jacquie, What wonderful pictures, I just love the countryside and olde world villages we getin the uk. The picture you took at sunset is fab!. have a good weekxx

  20. Enjoy half-term! I love those flowers too, but can never keep them alive for long sadly. Always lovely seeing your mums art, I really like the one with the iconic phone box. A lovely inspiration board and I think the magnetic ones are better, a lot less pain when stepped on than than the push pins. ;D (I hate time change, ours happens this weekend.) Have a great day!

  21. Love your mom's paintings! I usually over-water cyclamen. When I really watch that habit, I can usually keep them going...

  22. Your mum's paintings are so beautiful. She is a great artist! I love to read your blog and enjoy a lot when you tell us about your common day life!

  23. Your mum is very talented - and you've been blessed with her talents too.

  24. Your mum's paintings are stunning ....they would look amazing as a Calendar. I have three sons, all young men now, but can remember the relief of getting all the uniforms done and ironed :)

  25. I am massively impressed with your mother's art! Wow! My mom had some art skills but she never developed them. She did pass them on to me.. only one of the 4 of us. Amazing. You obviously are the happy recipient of your mother's innate talent! Luck! I hope you have some of your Mom's framed work in your home! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  26. What a talented mother you have.
    It never occurs to me to changes things like your notice board, what a good idea.

  27. Yes, I agree that your noticeboard is fabulous. I am currently trying to merge my office corner with my daughter's study materials to make one study corner in the house instead of two and have been seeking inspiration - toying with various noticeboard and partitioning ideas and I love yours.
    Very timely post, Jacqui.

  28. A week, a whole week.... it'll fly by.

  29. Your mum is a wonderful artist, and I can see that you've inherited her talents :) I love your cosy, creative corner - the memo board looks great x


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