Thursday 23 October 2014

October Happy Things

Morning  Lovelies, how are you?

Today I'm just sharing a quick post, containing some of the many, simple things that are making me happy lately.

1. Planting bulbs
How I love doing this. For the past few weeks I've been picking up the odd packet here and there..............

Tulips and miniature Daffodils for spring. Happy Alliums for summer I love those purple pom poms :0)

I dug lots of holes and then added some home made compost.......we've been putting cuttings, veg peelings, egg boxes and bits of newspaper  in this monster bin for 18 months. It was very exciting to finally open the little door at the bottom and see what was there..........

Gorgeous crumbly compost.......brilliant! It's the first we have ever made and I can't believe it worked so well :0)

I do love spring flowers and knowing there are some nestled beneath the soil, waiting for the end of winter, makes me very happy.............

2. Garden flowers on the kitchen windowsill.

Maybe one day I'll have a kitchen window with a view, but in the mean time making a pretty display on the windowsill gives me something cheerful to look at............

In the winter they will be supermarket blooms, but right now there are still a few flowers in my garden to pick.

3. Shafts of sunlight. My lounge faces south and catches the low midday sun throughout the Autumn and Winter..............

I love the way it fills the space with light. It's like a little compensation for the short days.

4. Walking with my sister in law.

This is a rare nice to have company for a weekday walk, and go somewhere different. An isolated country park that I would not be brave enough to explore alone............

the sun shone and the leaves looked gorgeous............

5. Sunsets reflected in water.

The sun is setting earlier all the time, so I'm often out and about to witness it. This is a disused canal by the supermarket. A tranquil oasis in the day and a magical place at sunset............

6. Evening crochet in bed.

I do love to cosy up with some crochet on a chilly, dark evening. Yesterday I was upstairs, happily playing with yarn, by 7.30pm.......

Crochet always makes me happy.

Jacquie x


  1. What a nice post! Crochet at the end of the day is always relaxing!

  2. Lovely happies Jacquie. We planted some broad beans the other day and I keep saying to Mike - 'I wonder what they're doing now?'! Poor man! Always lovely to think things are still happenig - even if we can't see them yet! Enjoy the light x Jane

  3. Another gorgeous post Jacquie. You will love your compost, it is the most amazing thing and does wonders for the garden. It helps break up heavy clay soil and adds substance to sandy soil. If you happen to have really good soil already, compost just makes it better. I love the stuff and can't stop raving about it. I wish more of us composted because it not only be so good for our gardens and the environment, just imagine how much waste would not go into land fill. Crochet in bed, early and with a cuppa, perfect end to the day.
    Anne xx

  4. Muito lindo,as flores e o crochê,parabéns.Beijo.Valéria.

  5. I was also crocheting at 7:30 but not in bed! Lovely pictures as usual. Well done on making your own compost - we've been doing it for quite a few years now and it's really great to be able to use it in the garden.

  6. What a lovely, cosy home you have, Jacquie! You are lucky, like me, with a lovely park to walk in. I have been buying bulbs, too, but they haven't got any further than the shed yet LOL! Have a wonderful day, Chris x

  7. Thanks for sharing your happy moments. The sunset photo is stunning.
    Crochet always makes me happy too - shame I've been too tired to manage any recently. :(

  8. We have been 'making' our own compost this year too, we haven't used any yet but it is exciting. Crochet always makes me happy too.

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  9. Lovely October moments! Such beautiful fall foliage there and here. Compost...never can have enough! I use to 'make' mine that way but after we started keeping chickens I let the experts take over, they can make it s-o much faster and more of it. We have a big run for them under many trees so their constantly churning the leaves and all the grass clippings, weeds I manage to throw in as well as all the table scrapes. I've been moving compost from there most of the summer and into the fall and still haven't moved it all! I love the low angle of the sun coming through the window at this time of year, I'm like a cat and sit curled up in a favorite chair enjoying the warmth. lol Your bulbs remind me I need to plant the ones I've picked up recently. I too can be found crocheting most evenings. A wonderful way to relax before bed. Have a great day!

  10. I love your compost bin. Lots of yummy garden goodness coming out of there!
    It's amazing how the season is transitioning in your neck of the woods. The deciduous trees are just beautiful. They so say autumn.
    And crochet in the evening? How good is that? :)

  11. What a lovely Autumn post, I really have come to enjoy crochet in the evenings with a cup of tea!, love the pictures in the park. xx

  12. I've been meaning to pick up a few more bulb packs. I planted some tulips but could use more.
    We've neen making compost for quite some time. It is so good to dig that out and spread on the garden.

  13. Lovely photographs and your words made me smile. Very much my take on Autumn too and crochet always ends a day perfectly.

  14. Lovely happies! I love to plant bulbs, too. I have a bag full of tulip bulbs waiting but it is too wet and windy just now. During the darker months I curl up in bed with my knitting and an audiobook, it is just so much more cosy than the living room, even with the fire on. x

  15. How cosy your living room is. Our back window faces south too, and the sun reaches all the way across the room in winter. The sunset reflection in the canal is stunning. And I love the idea of cosy crochet in bed. Autumn and winter aren't bad at all are they? CJ xx

  16. Some lovely happies, I have some anemones I need to get planted
    Clare x

  17. It's very satisfying to make your own compost isn't it. I didn't plant any bulbs this time, I planted a lot of wallflowers instead. I love their smell.

  18. Gorgeous photos as ever - you've captured the season to a tee. I love your post on Matlock and Bonsall. We had never been to Bonsall before and really loved it. We are planning a return visit soon!! xx

  19. I always got a real buzz out of compost too, never failed to amaze me that shoving all that rubbish in one end turned out lovely crumbly brown stuff the other! But oh dear, I am feeling slightly wistful for a garden... Will enjoy yours vicariously! Beautiful, beautiful sunset - just love the reflections & silhouetted trees, lovely x

  20. Those sunny patches of light are so good come this time of year :). I love that you are snuggled in bed with crochet by 730, makes me want to head upstairs with mine right now! Lovely photos :)

  21. I enjoyed the glimpses into your world today. You shared a lot of beautiful images. I also enjoy the way the sun slants into our farmhouse in different ways during different seasons.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  22. Lots of happies .... love the crochet!
    Jacqui x

  23. Hi Jacquie! Such lovely photos!!!
    It's nice to see what you have been up to!
    Crochet in bed sounds nice!
    Have a lovely weekend!
    Ingrid xx

  24. hello jaquie,
    lovely photos from your part of the world!!!!! love the crochet!
    have a wonderful weekend,

  25. Can't wait to see these flowers pop out in spring (hoping you will share the pics). I bet these flowers will love the compost :-)

    Take care

  26. My friends think I am weird because i get excited about compost - I am glad to see here that I am not the only one. It is so satisfying when you get the mix just right and the goodness that you get at the end of the process is so nourishing for the garden. You can't beat it. Congratulations on your composting success! :-)

  27. This reminds me of one of the 52 weeks of happy posts. Sometimes it's nice just to write a short one and let the pictures do the talking :o) I too love spring bulbs. I must remember to plant some more this year - I've been relying on what was already planted in our garden but there's definitely been less and less since we've lived here. Maybe this will be the year I top them up!
    Love your pretty little jug of flowers. How lovely to be able to pick from the garden.
    Jones x

  28. Beautiful post and lovely pictures.......i have been busy with the camera at my youngest boys wedding xo


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