Saturday 4 October 2014

Yarndale and Yorkshire :: Part 3

Hello Lovelies,
how our day at Yarndale flew by in the blink of an eye.
I could hardly believe it when I realised it was nearly four in the afternoon and I needed to go and meet up with mum again.
I said goodbye to Jo and her daughter, then Jones and I walked back towards the park.

One last, rather wistful look at the auction mart...........

see you next year.

A last photo of the glorious crochet bunting ..........

and a goodbye to Jones.

Then a dash through the park and a scoot along the pretty canal tow-path.........

Past the place where two canals meet..........

To meet up with Mum by the old fire station..........

Mum's been painting and sketching in the villages around Skipton. Now we head out of town together, travelling east and climbing up towards the moors.............

we turn left and drive up a really steep road to the wide open spaces I love. And the sun comes out....


We stop the car a few times and I wish there was more time to go for a walk along one of the many footpaths we see,

But it's still just lovely to be out in the fresh upland air feeling the breeze and enjoying the views which look glorious in the late afternoon sunlight...........

All the time I'm driving along Mum chats about her memories of the years she lived in Yorkshire, the years of her marriage to my, much missed, late dad and my childhood. It's lovely to reminisce together here.

Then we are heading steeply down hill into the valley.............

To the wonderfully pretty town of Pateley Bridge............

Where the old Yorkshire stone buildings glowed in the sun...........

and hanging baskets and bunting lined the street.............

In must have been about 5.30pm by now and the shops were mostly closed............

So we just wandered about enjoying the glorious weather and gazing in through the windows of the art gallery. There were lovely watercolours of Pateley.........

and dramatic interpretations of the hills..........

This area seemed to be a magnet for cyclists and so many riders stopped at this Spar shop to pick up a milk shake or a bottle of Lucazade to refuel, then sat on the benches here resting a while, before doing battle with the next hill..............

The river Nidd flows very close to this spot..........

I loved the view from the bridge back towards the shops, with a glimpse of the pretty church and the hills beyond........

Pateley also claims to have  the oldest sweet shop in England and on the way back towards the car I was surprised to find it still open.........

I popped inside to pick up a treat for the boys and was the last customer before they closed for the day.

Climbing up the roads out of Pateley we were now heading west into the setting sun......

The light was amazing and I did my best to try and capture the layer upon layer of silhouetted hills we could see..........

So beautiful.

It was quiet painful for your eyes at times, driving into the light... but wow......the views made up for that......

everywhere looked glorious bathed in Autumn sunlight........

It was such a lovely evening to enjoy the countryside...........

After a few miles we came to Grassington..........

Like at Pateley, we saw the bikes that were part of the Tour de France grand depart decorations back in July...........

this sweet ladies bike reminded my of my own.

And like Pateley the tempting shops were closed.........

Never mind, it was enough to wander about enjoying the atmosphere............

I loved the cobbles and this old road sign.........

By now we were getting hungry, so we stopped for one last time at this pub restaurant........

It looked great with the ubiquitous bikes and masses of flowers. And this sign on the door made us smile.............

Translation = Welcome, the old door is a bit stiff, give it a good shove and get yourself inside :0)

And how lovely the inside was. So much character and a cosy atmosphere..........

There was even a Yorkshire Terrier at the bar.....did you spot him?

Mum and I enjoyed a fish and chip supper here before we headed off to find the room we had booked  for the night, back near Skipton.

and in our room there was finally time to take a good look at my  Yarndale programme and do a little crochet myself................

Phew, that's three photo heavy posts from just one day.........and what a day it was. One to remember for a long time I think.

Jacquie x


  1. Oh My , what a stunning place. Such beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing, wish so much I was able to go. Maybe next year. Looks like you had a great time.

  2. Wow doesnt Yorkshire look glorious in the early evening sunshine you have captured it beautifully. Thank you for sharing your day and especially your trip round the villages it brings back many happy memories from my childhood as im also a Yorkshire lass although i no longer live there i do miss it a lot.
    Have a great weekend
    Jackie x

  3. I love your pictures Jacquie, I have visited all those places and they are truly beautiful, I have enjoyed your photo's over the past few days because I wasn't able to go to Yarndale this year but next year there will be no stopping me. :) xx

  4. You could be a travel spokeswoman for England. I can't get over how stunning your photos are. We have nothing that compares to that coziness here in the states. Maybe a few spots in New England, but it's just not the same. These areas are certainly on my travel wish list someday and thank you for sharing them with us all :)

  5. I've been enjoying your Yarndale posts. It looks a great day out and a lovely part of the country to visit. Seeing as I couldn't go myself, reading your posts are the next best thing - thank you for sharing. Perhaps next year I'll make it, I do hope it goes from strength to strength.

  6. Thank you SO MUCH for these pictures of your trip to Yarndale!! I enjoyed them so much!

  7. Thank you for sharing your fabulous photos!! Yarndale sounds like a wonderful adventure.

  8. Lovely, thanks so much for the extra little trip at the end.

  9. Thanks for sharing your trip with us. How nice for you and your mum to share some true quality time together. :)

  10. What a wonderful post! And stunning photos! Ohh....I wish I was there too........

  11. Lovely post. I have never really visited the historic market towns in Yorkshire so I will be putting a list together of places to go. If you can rec anywhere else I will gladly add them to my list. xx

  12. That scenery is utterly breathtaking. Well done for fitting so much in after your day at Yarndale. I'm betting you slept well! CJ xx

  13. Wonderful! That landscape is really marvelous, took my breath away! : )

  14. my word, that's so great, Yorkshire looks so beautiful. and yarndale looks fab, thanks for your great postxx

  15. Jacquie, you've done both Yorkshire and Yarndale proud with this progression of posts!

    The Yarndale photographs really show how much beauty can be created when many generous folks put their colorful yarns and crochet hooks and knitting needles together. A giant bravo to all involved in the organization of this event and also to all those folks who contributed their own works to create a very special place and time.

    And then...there is the beauty of Yorkshire. Thank you so much for the splendid photographs that you took as you and your Mom drove through and walked through this part of Yorkshire. I really did want to have the ability to walk right into my laptop's screen so that I could be there with you.

    Wonderful photographs. What a generous lady you are, Jacquie. xo

  16. Wow, Jacquie, you captured some amazing images for this post.. I appreciate you sharing them so much as I just adore the historic stone houses and shops in this area. I can only hope to someday see it for myself. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  17. Wonderful photos! Thanks for putting those posts together and get us some impressions from Yarndale and the beautiful Yorkshire countryside.

  18. Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos, Jacquie!
    Absolutely stunning! Yorkshire is so beautiful!
    Ingrid xx

  19. Looks like you had a fab trip, thanks for taking and sharing so many photos, they are so gorgeous :) Really want to visit that part of the e world :)

  20. Sounds like you had a fabulous time and you visited my home town too, Pateley Bridge!
    Jacqui x

  21. I've really enjoyed the story you've told with your Yarndale posts and pictures - they're definitely something for me to aspire to! xx

  22. Glorious! Just glorious. Thanks ever so much sharing it with us all.

  23. Wow, so beautiful, stunning picture I've never been to Yorkshire but you sure make me want to go.
    Clare x

  24. Perfection, just pure perfection Jacquie! Those landscape photos are breathtaking! I had to smile at the sign saying to get your sen inside. I'm married to a Yorkshire man and he always says 'sen'! :-) xx

  25. Phenomenal! I think you've satisfied my soul concerning the Yarndale experience, although Lucy still has some bits to share, I think! Would have enjoyed a peek at your mum's sketches, as it's always a pleasure to see what you and she create on paper. Thanks again.

    Sharon in Alabama

  26. Lovely lovely photos, yarndale and pately all in one day wow, I love pately, my follow on from yarndale was ikea, I know which I preferred,love the setting sun photos

  27. Thank you for the beautiful photos!
    I like them so much, I like your country!

  28. Oh how I am enjoying your posts of Yarndale! I feel as though I was really there, with your wonderful descriptions. What a fun trip to take with your Mum. When you talk about you and your Mum, it reminds me of my Mom and I. We lost dear Dad 11 years ago. Miss him terribly. We travel together and spend a lot of time together, talking, laughing, remembering, sometimes crying, about our memories. Your photos of the setting sun are remarkable. So enjoyed this post!
    XO Kris

  29. I'm afraid if you keep posting such gorgeous pics of the Dales and wonderful little villages such as Grassington i'm going to have to stop visiting your blog Jacquie.......infrequent though my visits are!! These beautiful photos make me want to pack a bag and run away to the UK and I'm just too busy at the moment !!!t. It's been lovely seeing these pics, how wonderful to have this time with your mum and enjoy listening to her stories. Too many wonderful pics to comment on but the one thing in all of them I did enjoy, is the gorgeous golden light on the hills and stone buildings. I can almost imagine the nip of Autumn in the air....Xx

  30. Wonderful pictures and what a perfect ending to the perfect day!

  31. You're right, the day went by so quickly! How time flies when you're having fun. You packed in such a lot after Yarndale! Your photos are gorgeous - particularly the ones on your drive and that shot back from the bridge in Pately Bridge looking at the town with the hills behind. I remember you saying you don't think your photos are going to be that good and I do think maybe your little camera screen misleads you as once the pics are on your blog they look fantastic!
    Jones x


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