Thursday 9 October 2014

Happy in the Rain

Hello Lovelies,
there's a definite change in the weather this week. Our heating is on and so are my thick tights.
I've loved this great summer we have enjoyed, but happily I'm also feeling ready for the colder months that are heading our way.

Yesterday morning I went for a walk along the local footpaths I haven't  visited for a few months now.

It was great to crunch through fallen leaves.........

and see wildlife in this quiet spot.............

I came out on a quiet lane and  had planned to walk along another footpath, but bumping into our neighbour on his bike, we got chatting as I walked. I didn't have the heart to turn off  the road and end a pleasant talk to this kind widower .....eventually he headed off on his short ( 15 mile! ) ride.........

I was happy to walk along this quiet, single track road lined with Autumnal trees...........

I loved the colour of these golden crab apples............

and I'm always interested in farming paraphernalia..........

Lots of fields are freshly ploughed and recently seeded.............

When I set out on my walk I knew rain was forecast and here it started falling. I thought of turning back, but it wasn't going to save much time so I simply carried on along the road side............

The wet weather did make the autumn leaves shine.............

and the Rose hips gleam...........

Under the trees there was some shelter from the rain............

and on the other side this clump of  Willow herb caught my eye............

 I was getting closer to home now, but I can't go past this spot without remembering a nasty cycling accident eldest had here, back when he was nine years old.

I was behind him and could only watch as he flew over his handlebars. He calls this the "tree of life" now.........and I have to admire his positive attitude to this spot.......

I'm not a pluviophile but it does seem seasonal to be having some rain right now............

And on this rainy day there did seem a gentle peace. I was  happy to be outdoors picking up leaves..........

 and marvelling at their gorgeous colours.

 Later in the day I visited a rainy market town............

And picked up some colours of Stylecraft special that I haven't bought before...........

Spice, Lime and Gold.

Aren't they gorgeous. Maybe it's time for some Autumnal crochet :0)

Jacquie x


  1. Lovely autumnal yarn. And lovely autumnal countryside too, it's all looking beautiful at the moment isn't it. I love the photo of the pheasant, I'm always happy to see them around. I'm glad your eldest is so positive about his cycling accident. I suspect there will be a few in our future too. I had to pull one of mine out of the hedge the other day. CJ xx

  2. love the autumn pictures, and the new yarn goes with the season so well. I live in the countryside and find the changes in season so beautifulx

  3. Loved your Autumn walk and all those wonderful pictures. Here is spring so I do enjoy visiting the other side of world often. Great attitude with the tree of life ☺

  4. What gorgeous colour both of nature and of yarn!

  5. Hi Jacquie! Thanks for taking us along on your walk, how lovely!
    Such nice photos, even when walking in the rain!
    Here the trees have not changed much colour so far, but the weather has also turned to wind and rain now.
    On Saturday it was still hot like a summer's day!
    Lucky you found this yarn, I am using some of these colours in my Harlequin blanket, they look so great together! (Take a peek at my latest post, you can see all the colours I've used!)
    Enjoy making something out of the yarn!
    Ingrid xx

  6. these autumnal colors are always gorgeous and are inspiration.... many autumnal projects with our hooks ... enjoy it ! have a nice day !

  7. What a lovely walk those leaves and rosehip look glorious in the rain. Thank you for sharing it with us. Oh and by the way I love those colours of style craft special I've not seen them before either.
    Jackie x

  8. Such a beautiful autumn walk in the rain and gorgeous yarn too.
    Anne xx

  9. Thank you for taking us along on your walk Jacquie, I did enjoy it, such beautiful colours, I love the yarn hope you show us what you make with it. :)

  10. Looks like a beautiful walk. I'm quite happy walking in the rain as long as I've got a decent coat on with a hood! Love the seasonal yarn:)

  11. Hi Jacquie, lovely photo's. You are lucky to have lovely walks near where you live. Sometimes it is nice to walk in the rain(as long as its not a downpour). Love your new wool shades. I am using Stylecraft special at the moment, (Lucy's coastal blanket) I was surprised at how soft it is. Definately buying this yarn again ! (More than halfway on the blanket...phew.) Thank you for all your interesting photo's and posts.

  12. Such a lovely post and beautiful photos .... I felt like I was actually there. Thanks so much for sharing.

  13. A lovely autumn post! (I am a lover of the rain, even walks in the rain) So I find a rainy day in autumn are the best of days. What yummy autumn yarn too! I've just been unpacking some hooky autumn pieces to decorate for the season. I look forward to seeing what lovely creation you make with the yarn.

  14. In love Stylecraft Special DK.It comes in such a range of colours and is great for blankets.Affordable.I actually have a shade card which was the best £1.99 I have ever spent!I love the shades you chose.What lovely photos too.What kind of camera have you got?

  15. A lovely autumn walk - I could almost smell the fresh air! What gorgeously autumnal yarn:) Can't wait to see what you will make from it x

  16. Beautiful autumnal colours...
    It's very wet and windy here today so I'm wrapped up in a blanket!
    I love ploughed fields and the smell of wet leaves, and envy you that pheasant close-up!

  17. I love all those autumy things like wet leaves, even the rain. We're having windy, rainy weather some days and mist other days. Just lovely. Every time I go into my local wool shop I see the gorgeous new Stylecraft colours and am so tempted to start another blanket. She's already sold out of the lime colour you got but has re-ordered it. Maybe when it's back in I'll have to buy!

  18. Lovely! I've just started making something with the spice yarn too! Can't blog about it til I've given it to the recipient! Xx

  19. Lovely autumnal colours and I love the names of the yarn too.

  20. Our rain is to arrive this weekend.. thanks for taking us on your walk, I enjoyed it and your autumny images. And LOVE the 3 new colors of yarn you bought! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  21. I spent some time going through my stash of Stylecraft DK this afternoon and pulled out all the colours suitable for some autumnal crochet. They colours are just so wonderful! Are you going to join in with Lucy's next crochet project?

  22. You really did capture how the rain made things gleam. I have not seen those colours before for Stylecraft, they look perfect for the time of year. They make me want Pumpkin Pie.

  23. Can't wait to see what you make with those gorgeous colours.
    Jacqui x

  24. It was so lovely to take this walk with you! Everything is so beautiful. I like your yarn colours, I used the gold in my autumn mandalas that I just made, along with copper and another shade that I forget the name of! I love the spice colour that you showed, it is very pretty isn't it. I look forward to seeing what you make! xx

  25. Love your beautiful photos of the countryside! Such a pretty place to walk.

  26. Lovely autumnal post. The combination of those 3 colours is amazing.
    I've just had the treat of reading 3 of your posts one after the other. Definitely intend to visit Yarndale next year!

  27. I love autumn - my favourite season. I like that particular shade of green that you have chosen because it keeps the warm cosy orange and gold nice and fresh; that bit of life still left in the leaves before they turn. :-)

  28. Lugar lindo, amo de paixão essa árvore da segunda fotografia. Belas paisagens. Eu amo tudo isso.


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