Thursday 16 October 2014

Grey Skies

Hello Lovelies,
I'll always be a lover of spring, with it's new life and sweet flowers, but their is a calm beauty in Autumn, even under grey skies.

The other day, as I sat and chatted with my sister in law over coffee, her obvious love of cooler weather and  even the approaching cold surprised and delighted me.

I do love a sunny day.....especially  because I enjoy  taking sunny photos. I love the look of blue skies but I'm certainly not a sun worshipper and would never choose to lay in it and bake...too hot and uncomfortable for me. 

In the past I've consciously avoided getting my camera out on a grey day, but now I find I still like the photos I take when the sun doesn't shine. 

And that makes me happy.

Yesterday I was driving past our local country park and decided to stop off for a walk, because walking here makes me happy too.

There were plenty of people about, even a little party of volunteers gathering ready to get to work ..........

The cygnets, gliding gracefully on the lake are  as big as their parents............

The bushes are laden with juicy berries.............

and the squirrels are smiling...........

well, this one certainly looked like he was to me.

Morning dampness hangs from the Hawthorn berries...........

and the Oak leaves are beginning to turn..............

It's mild and colourful despite the grey sky..............

This tree grabs my attention..............

With it's turning leaves of every colour.............

it's lovely to stand for a moment under its branches and gaze upwards............

The look down at the already fallen leaves.............

The quiet is disrupted by the noisy chatter of a flock of Starlings.............

who sit on the power lines till something disturbs them............

I love the lines leading into the distance this newly emerging crop has made...........

And the simple joy of a brisk walk outdoors never fails to raise my spirits.
Jacquie x


  1. Hi Jacquie. Wow! How quickly the landscape transitions in your part of the world - or it seems so for us faraway observers.
    My husband and I are currently enjoying a holiday about 4000km from our home in the Tropics. The weather here is so much different to what we left behind. On Tuesday, it was only 7 degrees C at lunchtime, whereas here in the tropics it was nudging the low 80sF! It is just beautiful. We've visited a wildlife park and a butterfly sanctuary. It's amazing how different things can be in one country!
    Love your work.

    1. Oh how I wish I could see your photos Robyn.
      Have a great holiday
      Jacquie x

  2. I was thinking today I must get my camera out rather than waiting for the sun to shine. The biggest problem is I still can't walk very far - so thanks for sharing - I enjoyed a "virtual" walk instead! x

  3. Lovely photos. I think those close up ones are all the better for not having the sun out. You've completely captured Autumn here.

  4. These are great photos Jacquie - you've really captured some of Autumn's 'mood' there. I think sometimes the grey make us appreciate bursts of colour all the more - maybe that's why the squirrel is smiling ;) Take care x Jane

  5. Beautiful photos Jacquie!!

  6. Lovely.The maple trees always stand out from the crowd. Your autumn leaves seem to be changing in time with ours. We've had rainy days to go along with the grey skies. But after such a hot summer I'm thoroughly enjoying the change.

  7. Love the pictures, it's been grey and wet here now for the past few days, and I managed to grab some foggy day pictures too..X

  8. Beautiful and inspiring post...there is always something lovely happening in nature, even when we don't expect it :)

  9. Oh these are lovely photos of the season! And that squirrel picture is glorious! Thanks for sharing, J9 x

  10. Gorgeous photos! I was there with you :D

  11. I certainly love the colors of autumn in your country!!!! Enjoy it for it will soon be over!!!!!!!!!

  12. Beautiful photos capturing the season.

  13. It looks a lovely walk on a fine but dull day, thank you for sharing it with us

    Jackie x

  14. SMILE the squirrel sure looks like he is smiling to me. So hope to see one one day.
    Love Leanne New Zealand

  15. What beautiful photos, even without a blue sky. You're right, going for a walk is so good for the soul. CJ xx

  16. I really enjoyed your walk and the trees, berries and leaves.. that one maple leaf with ALL the colors is amazing! I have a friend who is a professional photographer who told me that you never want to take photos in full sun, it washes out the colors, he recommended a cloudy day for the best images.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  17. What lovely colours, great photos... I miss lovely walks, since we lost our lovely dog we dont seem to take as many wonderful walks .. .your post has pulled at a few heart strings. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Lovely colours of Autumn, love you;re walking posts
    Clare x

  19. Autumn! Can't beat it for colour!

  20. Oh such gorgeous pictures and I would really love to see a squirrel, I reckon it was smiling too ☺

  21. Loving your autumn photos. There is joy in all the seasons, we just have to find it. :)
    Anne xx

  22. That squirrelly squirrel is definitely smiling, lovely capture!


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